Saturday, April 07, 2012

Arcadia Invitational Top NorCal Marks

Boys 400m. Relay
1)  Kennedy, Richmond (NCS) 42.71
2)  Stagg (SJS) 43.33
3)  James Logan (NCS) 43.59

Girls 400m. Relay
1)  Leigh (CCS) 49.85
2)  Kennedy, Richmond (NCS) 49.89

Boys Mile
1)  Jordon Rushing Del Campo (SJS) 4:17.94
2)  Jamie Fehrnstrom Miramonte (NCS) 4:18.24
3)  Chris Waschura Woodside (CCS) 4:24.98
4)  Mitch Martin Half Moon Bay (CCS) 4:25.32
5)  Trevor Fuhriman Monte Vista (NCS) 4:25.66

Girls Mile
1)  Nikki Hiltz Aptos (CCS) 4:56.92
2)  Allison Sturges Mt. View (CCS) 5:02.62
3)  Clare Peabody Aptos (CCS) 5:33.70

Boys 110m. Hurdles
1)  Kenneth Walker III Kennedy, Richmond (NCS) 14.05
2)  Andre Lindsey Stagg (NCS) 15.05
3)  Trever Stitch Whitney (SJS) 15.42

Girls 100m. Hurdles
1)  Daje Pugh Fairfield (SJS) 14.08
1)  Daria Cook Vacaville (SJS) 14.08
3)  Pattriana Perry Vacaville (SJS) 14.42

Boys 400m.
1)  Christian Miller Jesse Bethel (SJS) 48.86
2)  Willie Latin Jame Logan (NCS) 49.02

Girls 400m.
1)  Ellisa Bryant Piedmont Hills (CCS) 55.87
2)  Timarya Baynard Piedmont Hills (CCS) 56.48
3)  Chloe Winn Monte Vista (NCS) 56.98
4)  Erica Goynes Enochs (SJS) 59.13

Boys 100m.
1)  Byron Marshall Valley Christian SJ (CCS) 10.70
2)  Takkartist McKinley Kennedy, Richmond (NCS) 10.94
3)  Jordan Riggins Rodriguez (SJS) 11.05

Girls 100m.
1)  Lilla McMillan Tamalpais (NCS) 12.04
2)  Atiya Harvey James Logan (NCS) 12.21
3)  Sarah Cline Leigh (CCS) 12.23
4)  Shelby Smallwood Valley Christian SJ (CCS) 12.29

Boys 800m.
1)  Sean Davis Valley Christian SJ (CCS) 1:52.39
2)  Darrell Jackson Fairfield (SJS) 1:53.85
3)  Dylan Chamberlen Paradise (NO) 1:55.08
4)  Cody Johnson San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 1:55.22
5)  Adler Faulkner Acalanes (NCS) 1:55.94

Girls 800m.
1)  Madison Ricks California (NCS) 2:11.69
2)  Madeline Fagan Los Gatos (CCS) 2:17.23
3)  Rebekah Ent Miramonte (NCS) 2:18.72

Boys 300m. Hurdles

Girls 300m. Hurdles
1)  Daje Pugh Fairfield (SJS) 42.98
2)  Daria Cook Vacaville (SJS) 43.41
3)  Pattriana Perry Vacaville (SJS) 45.11
4)  Tori Edwards California (NCS) 45.12

Boys 200m.
1)  Justice Chambers Enochs (SJS) 22.36
2)  Jordan Riggins Rodriguez (SJS) 22.49
3)  Johnny Beard Piedmont Hills (CCS) 22.62

Girls 200m.
1)  Lilla McMillan Tamalpais (NCS) 24.45
2)  Sarah Cline Leigh (CCS) 25.04
3)  Shelby Smallwood Valley Christian SJ (CCS) 25.37

Boys 3200m.
1)  Thomas Joyce Campolindo (NCS) 9:03.23
2)  Grant Foster Los Gatos (CCS) 9:12.57
3)  Kevin Bishop Monta Vista (CCS) 9:13.24
4)  Tyler Hanson Miramonte (NCS) 9:25.92
5)  Tyler Mercado Del Campo (SJS) 9:27.37
6)  Nick Hicks San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 9:29.07

Girls 3200m.
1)  Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 10:23.33
2)  Carrie Verdon Campolindo (NCS) 10:24.72
3)  Madeleine Ankhelyi Vista del Lago (SJS) 10:34.72
4)  Clare Carroll Vista del Lago (SJS) 10:45.80
5)  Jena Pianin Amador Valley (NCS) 10:46.44
6)  Maryann Gong Granada (NCS) 10:52.65
7)  Annie Marggraff Acalanes (NCS) 10:58.80
8)  Carina Novell Granada (NCS) 10:59.39

Boys Distance Medley Relay
1)  Bishop O'Dowd (NCS) 10:12.05
2)  San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 10:27.51
3)  Miramonte (NCS) 10:36.12
4)  Monte Vista (NCS) 10:38.02
5)  Campolindo (NCS) 10:54.63

Girls Distance Medley Relay
1)  San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 12:10.99
2)  Campolindo (NCS) 12:30.33

Boys 1600m. Relay

Girls 1600m. Relay
1)  Monte Vista (NCS) 3:59.73
2)  Miramonte (NCS) 4:02.40

Will get the field events up tomorrow.  What was the most impressive performance by a Northern California athlete at Arcadia?


NCSftw said...

definetely bishop o'dowd'ds boys 4x800 and DMR. blazing!

Anonymous said...

Albert, why no Clovis in not cal rankings? It more north than king city and your letting so cal take credit they want nothing to do with. If you want your website to grow cove the central section well, we are ignored just as much, if not more than you guys!

Anonymous said...

Aptos High Women 4th place Friday night in the 4 by 1600.

Albert Caruana said...

It's a valid point. I have just been going strictly by sections and not including the Central Section. I will see what I can do about including that section from now on.

Anonymous said...

Joyce (3200), Davis (800) and Bishop O'Dowd (DMR) are clearly the best nor cal marks of the meet. I'm not impressed with the sprints. Though why no marks for field events?

Anonymous said...

It was VERY hot, especially on Saturday. Anything that happened before the sun went down on Saturday was on a 95-100 degree track. Then the temps dropped quick.

Albert Caruana said...

Stanford could have an Arcadia type meet if they chose to do so. Can you imagine the Stanford track at night with the best high school runners in the US chasing fast times like the college and pro athletes do now?

Arcadia is a great meet but their facility doesn't compare to Stanford.

Thomas said...

O'Dowd's 4x800 and DMR are incredible.

Anonymous said...

Aptos 4x1600 Friday night was VERY fast! Was it possibly a CCS record?

hank said...

Good call. yes indeed it was a CCS record:

looks like i need to contact Mr Gruber for a pic and some splits.


Anonymous said...

And....... 1st leg of 4 x 1600, Peabody, lost a shoe in the first few yards!

Anonymous said...

I would Love To see SLV and Aptos go at it in the 4x1600 since on paper they look very evenly matched, considering Pr's SLV at 20:31 at this Time and Aptos also Faster! That would Be Just a Meet to watch In it Self especially it was SLV record and Both from the same league alot of History between those to schools!

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