Saturday, April 21, 2012

CCS "Top 8" Classic

Unfortunately no results posted yet so for now check out following newspaper articles:
CCS Top 8 track and field meet lives up to billing with numerous personal bests (SJ Mercury News)
Aptos' Hiltz sets national standard in 1,600 (Santa Cruz Sentinel)

What a great meet!  It's a real shame CCS is not held at SJCC anymore.  The Mondo track is so FAST and with at-large marks in play to make state, there is no reason why we can't give all the CCS athletes the best shot to go to state.


Anonymous said...

No question in my mind. If Football can rent it for semis and finals, and top 8 can rent for an invite are you telling me they can't host for ccs finals?

Is this about profit? Yes renting cost money but still have the semis at gilroy and finals at SJCC. Time to do what's right for the kids for once.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It's the best facility, it has more access for spectators as well.

As far as Top 8 goes, well run meet with some amazing athletes, those at large marks my get hit on a dirt track!

Anonymous said...

CCS has made it clear they do not care. They don't care about if 4 or 5 or 6 kids make state. They only care about profit.

Top 8 is run better than CCS is, more kids compete, thus more fans. No reason CCS can double the entries and just have a fast and slow heat. But the jerks at vcs only care about arbitrary rules like noisemakers and jewelry. For track and xc, minor sports are a nothing more than an inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

Vcs? What is that?
Do you mean Ccs or did You mean NFHS?

The only thing that needs to be better is getting the results. Mt Sac, Woody Wilson are live and up.. This great meet just needs to get with the times! And I'm pretty sure it's illegal for an announcer to get on the mic and yell out splits its communicating through a divide and gives the leaders an unfair advantage.

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