Saturday, April 21, 2012

California Track and Field Weekend Results

West Valley/Chico Invitational (NS) NEW Dylan Chamberlen Paradise 1:52.95
Del Oro Invitational (SJS) NEW
CCS Top 8 Meet Results (Complete) NEW
San Mateo Bearcat Invitational (CCS) NEW
Mt. SAC Results (California)
Pacific Grove Invitational Results (CCS)
Bill Kearney Invitational Results (CCS)
Bay Area Top 8 Results (NCS)

More to come as I find them...


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Rodondo ran 20:01 at Mt. Sac for 4 x 1600? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Campolindo should start competiting in the Southern Section. Azuza, Arcadia, Mt. Sac. Why even come back home, just stay down there for a month.

haha... so went the Nor Cal site, now goes our best Nor Cal team!

Gotta wonder what all that wear and tear from all that traveling will do come the end of the season.

Albert Caruana said...

They went to compete down south for two meets and realistically only their elite athletes competed. You have to travel if you want to find competition for athletes like Carrie and Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Three, Azuza, Arcadia, Mt. Sac.

I agree, go to the big meets. Campo must have an awesome budget to drive or fly to those three meets.

No different than college that goes to Texas, Stanford, Mt. Sac and wherever else.

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