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Diego Estrada formerly of Alisal HS

The following is from Kevin Liao of
Diego Estrada runs 27:32.90, an Olympic 'A' standard that clinches him a spot to run at the Olympic Games for Mexico. Who's the last CCS athlete and/or distance runner to compete at the Olympics?

I have somebody in mind.  Guesses?


PatrickMcCrystle said...

My guess is: Ato Bolden, Piedmont Hills, Trinidad and Tobago, 1996 and 2000 Olympics (4 time medal winner)???

Ernest Lee said...

Off the top of my head, in Beijing in 2008 there were:

Shannon Rowbury (Sacred Heart Cathedral, track and field)

Aly Wagner (Presentation, soccer)

Kerri Walsh (Mitty, beach volleyball)

And that's just for those representing the USA.

More recently, there was a former CCS athlete who competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics. This athlete, however, does have a significant track connection. Any guesses?

PatrickMcCrystle said...

Was it the former sprinter Cunningham from Carmel, who was a 'pusher' on the bobsled team??

hank said...

Brian Martin (Gunn sprint coach)

hank said...

Others I've found:

Kevin McMahon & David Popejoy (Bellarmine) in the Hammer '96

Bill Green (Cubberley) 4x4 '80 (he was still an Olympian)

Bill Green (Fremont) Hammer '84

Cyndy Poor (Leigh) 1500 (or was it the 800 back then) '76

Francie Larrieu (Fremont) 88 & 92

Don Bowden (Lincoln) 1500 '56

Colin Quirke (LG) Shot '08 (Ireland team)

Matt Guisto (San Mateo) 5000 '96 (but you knew that).

Time to get back to work.


Albert Caruana said...

What a great list.

Ok, now who can chime in with NCS, SJS, NS, OAK and SF sections and their Olympians?

Anonymous said...

Bolota Asmerom from SF

Anonymous said...

Shannon Rowbury was who I immediately thought of as well.

Anonymous said...

Some easy ones:
Gabe Gennings (NS)
Michael Stember (SJS)

hank said...

A few more from CCS...

Margaret Jenkins (Santa Clara) Jav & baseball throw '28

Benny Brown (S'vale) 400 '76

Millard Hampton (SCrk) 200 '76

Andre Phillips (SCrk) 400LH -88

Lee Evans (Overfelt) 400 '68

Richard Babka (Paly) disc '60

George Horine (Paly) HJ '12

Morris Kirksey (Paly) 100yds '24

that's all I got


Anonymous said...

Katy McCandless (Castilleja) 5000M 1996 for Ireland

Anonymous said...

I thought I read something about high school badminton players from palo alto and San Jose recently making the Olympics.

But I thought Estrada just became a US citizen. How can he run for Mexico?

John said...

Steve Lewis, 1988 olympic gold medalist in the 400 one year after winning CIF for American HS in Fremont.

As for Estrada, he was born in Mexico and just gained US citizenship. Unfortunately he is still in eligible to compete at the US Trials. Here is a Flotrack interview with him last night explaining the situation:

Coach Tim Tuff said...

Joe Naivalu (Fremont) ran the 110HH for Fiji in 1996, and the Harrison twins (North Salinas) won gold in the 2000 games.

Albert Caruana said...

From my era, Leslie Maxie (Mills HS) and Wendy Brown (Woodside HS) also made the Olympic team. Maxie in the 400m. hurdles and Brown in the triple jump.

Anonymous said...

I heard the 4 x 400 team lost their Gold medals due to possitive drug tests for PED's.

John said...

On a side note, Tiffany Roberts from Carondelet was on the gold medal winning women's soccer team in 1996 in Atlanta. She took 2nd in the 800 at CIF in 1994.

Anonymous said...

Morgan Groth (Alhambra) NCS, 880 yards

Matt said...

Mark Conover (Miramonte, NCS) in the 1988 marathon

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