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Friday, April 06, 2012

Stanford Live Results



Anonymous said...

This result may be buried under all the fast times at Stanford, but wow, did anyone notice Marissa Ferrante (former Aptos runner) ran a 15:59 in section 2 of the wome's 5k?? She ran unattached, is she still at Stanford but redshirting the season?

Current best female Norcal runner competing at the collegiate level (that time is faster than Jennifer Bergman's 5k)?!

Anonymous said...

She never really ran for Stanford. Quit the team the first season or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any reason why? So is she training by herself? Back training with aptos coach? She was wearing a Stanford shirt. It just seems odd a 15:59 runner wouldn't be running for her college team. Doesn't like the coaches?

Whatever she is doing is working, congrats to her. The best alumni runner in nor cal hands down!

Coach Ozzie said...

Deborah Maier might take issue with that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why is she running unattached? Every single D1 coach in the country would love to have a 15:59 runner. If she ran that training on her own that is incredible.

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