Monday, September 02, 2019

Northern California Weekend results

High School
Oakmont Invitational:
Matt Strangio Interview | Oakmont Invitational: Oakmont Invitational
Riley Chamberlain Interview | Oakmont Invitational: Oakmont Invitational
Photos from Oakmont Invitational:
Great Cow Run: (Santa Rosa HS participated)
More will be posted as I find them.
Coming up this week: Monte Vista Invitational on Tuesday.

USF Invitational:


Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

Hi Coach Car, FYI the Oakmont link is from last year.
This is this year's:

Dan T said...

I covered Oakmont and Del Oro's Riley Chamberlain looks back at her best. Though her time was a few seconds slower than her course record set last year, she took a wrong turn that certainly added a few seconds to her final time. After a long lay off due to injury during her freshman track season, she is running healthy and if she stays that way, will be a force in California XC this year. The St. Francis girls look primed to move up the rankings a bit from last year with their 2,3,4,5 finish (and 27 second gap). Their 5th place runner was an additional 40 seconds back of their 5th runner, if they can tighten that up they should be able to compete toe to toe with almost every team in the state. On the boy's side Jesuit's Matt Strangio became the first runner to dip under 12 minutes for the 4k course, leading his team to the title though they were missing two of their projected top 5 runners. As expected Whitney used their strong senior nucleus and 2nd place finish of Austin Vasquez to take second place.

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