Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Lowell Invitational Top 10 Marks for current course

Bumping this back up to the top with the Lowell Invitational taking place this Saturday.
Here are the top times that I could find for the Lowell Invitational since 2006 (current course). If you know of other times that break into the following lists, please post below in the comment section below. I am trying to verify the course length for yesterday since the runners did not go around the big tree. This is also a very unofficial list since the course has fluctuated through the years.

1) Quinn Hagerman Merced 16:49.8 2018
2) Gabrielle Peterson Healdsburg 17:00.8 2018
3) Grace Catena Palos Verdes 17:03.0 2017
4) Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy 17:03.5 2016 
5) Colleen McCandless Granada 17:05.4 2017
6) Alize Hartke Oakmont 17:06.3 2017
7) Lauren Peurifoy MLK 17:08.2 2016
8) Alize Hartke Oakmont 17:10.2 2016
9) Joyce Shea Gunn 17:10.9 2017
10) Marissa Ferrante Aptos 17:13 2008

1) John Lawson Sir Francis Drake 14:08 2012
2) Garrett Corcoran Villa Park 14:21 2013
3) Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau Bellarmine 14:24.2 2017
4) Kent Slaney Palo Alto 14:29.5 2016
5) John Bennett Granada 14:34.0 2017
6) Robert Miranda Menlo 14:35.3 2017
7) Preston Norris Las Lomas 14:35.5 2018
8) Colin Peattie Bellarmine 14:37.1 2018
9) Owen MacKenzie Los Altos 14:37.1 2018
10) Yohanes Estifanos Milpitas 14:38 2012


Anonymous said...

What did times did Hagerman run during track last season? Very impressive yesterday!
And Noriis, great start to his season with two Invite wins in a few days. Congrats to all, looks like an exciting season ahead.

pmccrystle said...

Here are the Boys merged results from Lowell using both JV and both Varsity races:

1. BCP 101
2. Granada 123 (Hattori DNR)
3. Sir Francis Drake 135
4. Clovis North 138
5. Laguna Beach 191
6. Los Altos 241 (missing several key runners)

Unknown said...

Check the girls results from 2009. Ferrante and Hamilton were both fast enough to make this list.

Albert Caruana said...

The course in 2009 was super short. That is why times from that year are not listed.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to post the race assignment information after it becomes available so we know which races our school is in? Thanks for this wonderful site.

Anonymous said...

I think the course was short this year too by about .13 to .17. Just looking at various GPS watches and an athlete run route comparison from this year to last year shows two differences:

1. The start was much further up the grass straightaway closer to the finish.
2. The first (and last) sharp turn was much sooner - didn't go around the big tree but cut left much sooner.

pmccrystle said...

Agreed; the course WAS short. As someone who has been to 18 San Francisco 'Lowell' Invitationals, and runs the course each year, i can say definitely that the course was short. It was very similar to the course from 2009. 2.8 miles is what i say. A great weather day for racing with some really great teams and about those CCS frosh!! Kaiya Brroks, Elizabeth Fetter, Hillary Studdert, Lauren Soobrian, Boden Sirey, Furious Clay,Justin Pretre, Jorge Sosa...Wow!!

mike said...

Here's a pic of the average times for boys and girls at the Lowell Invitational since 2006. Yesterday was definitely faster than normal, supporting earlier comments about the distance.


Anonymous said...

Was the Frosh/Soph 1.3 also short?

Anonymous said...

What was up with all that mud? Broken sprinkler line underneath? Heard that with the particularly damp and mushy surface in the Meadow, SF Park and Rec requested the courses not go close to or around the big tree for fear of damaging it's shallow root system. So the big tree loop might be out going forward too...

carin said...

SF Rec and Park didn't turn off the overnight sprinklers on Friday which they normally do the night preceding big events in the meadows. That, coupled with the altered path through the dog park- staying on the dirt/sand until right before the short steep climb before the Polo Fields instead of veering onto the paved bike path- made the course slower than in previous years. The distance was definitely short as noted in previous posts.

Anonymous said...

@ Mike
Would you update the F, S, F/S Girls distance to 2.08 in the XC stats database per the other thread on distances.

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