Friday, September 13, 2019

Tribute to Peter Guerrini

Tribute by Larry Meredith which you can find at this LINK. For those of you that remember using to enter your athletes, Peter was the mastermind behind that site.

His daughter in law wrote the following about Peter which I had no idea. Something to the effect of not all heroes wear capes.

On 9/11 Peter Guerrini (a.k.a Peter Pilot, Steve’s dad, Christopher’s grandpa, my father-in-law) flew his United 777 plane from Paris, France, and as he was approaching NYC, a plane flew into the World Trade Center; he diverted his plane to Canada and in doing so, saved many lives. He was a skilled pilot, flying for United for 30 years and for the US Navy. When he learned I qualified for NYC marathon this year, he was looking forward to going with us, paying respect at the 9/11 memorial and showing us around NYC where he lived with his Guerrini grandparents during WWII while his father was away at war. These past 2 weeks he was on life support; he died peacefully yesterday. We are so proud of the life he led, of the sacrifices he made. We miss him so much but we know he is in a better place.❤️

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