Saturday, September 14, 2019

Northern California Invitational results

High School
Ed Sias Invitational:
Viking Opener Invitational:
Jackie Henderson Memorial Invitational:
Josh Ruff Memorial:
Kim Duyst Twilight Cross Country Invitational:

Stump Invitational:

Any others? Who was most impressive today? Individual? Team? Where is everybody racing next weekend?


Anonymous said...

Some thoughts from Ed Sias-

Harper McClain and Audrey Allen laid waste to their respective fields in the Large and small School Varsity Divisions.

The top three Maria Carillo boys (Pierce Kapustka, Rory Smail, and Colton Swinth). lived up to the hype in the small school division but Campolindo's top two (Cayden Hein and Dylan Gunn) also looked really good and managed to break -up Maria Carillo's pack by finishing ahead of Kapustka.

It was good to see Dylan Gunn healthy again.

Alex Ludwig, Campolindo's freshman phenom, also lived up to the hype by running a 10:41 in the Fresh Soph Limited Division.

Anonymous said...

At Ed Sias both MC and Campo were dominanat, but Maria Carillo is no doubt the team to beat in NCS D3-D5.
MCs 4th man was right there with Kaputska ahead of Campos #3. Campo will be right there though especially adding in Ludwig, but its hard to see a route to victory for them over MC without Gunn and Hein beating the MC trio outright.
Then there was a big step down on Saturday to the rest of the pack for D3-D5 Northgate, Newark, Alhambra, BOD etc.

Anonymous said...

Ludwig = Lodewick for those scoring at home!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Norcal invites, is the Pacific Tiger happening this next weekend? I couldn't find any details about it online (other than a few old references).

Anonymous said...

Never, and I mean NEVER count Campo out in November when it counts. :-)

Patrick D said...

I’m a Carrillo parent. I met Alex while he cleaned up trash after the event. Was very humble and respectful. It took the edge off the fact that’s he beat my son, Jacob, who took second ;) Campo is a class act program. It was a great meet!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any post about Lowell Invite. Generally a pretty large meet to cover.

Albert Caruana said...

Lowell took place the previous weekend and there was plenty of coverage with that meet.

Anonymous said...

Can Carrillo (or Campo) actually win state this year? Neither team has ever won before so it just seems unlikely.

Unknown said...

So proud of my Scotts Valley Falcon boys on their win at Jackie Henderson Invitational! It was a great meet and all the kids had so much fun. Nice rolling hills on the course and a great course to watch! Keep an eye on these boys this season.

Anonymous said...

Broen Holman, an 8th grader ran a 25:30 8k for 15th place in the college race listed above. Think about that!

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