Thursday, September 26, 2019

Being aware of thieves out there

My public service announcement...

Earlier this season at the Lowell Invitational, my backpack was stolen from our tent area during the final race. Unfortunately, I had my laptop, iPad and other material in there that I did not appreciate losing. I also know of another coach who had his daughter's backpack stolen from a vehicle in San Francisco. Today, my team was running at Sawyer Camp Trail and during our run, somebody had smashed the front passenger window of one of the school vans and took a backpack that was in the vehicle. It wasn't visible but that did not stop the thief.

All unfortunate cases and hopefully it's a warning for coaches and parents out there to remind our students/children that they should not bring stuff with them to practices or meets that they consider valuable to them. I believe there is a daily average of 65 car break-ins in San Francisco and that is definitely not just limited to the city. When you park anywhere, don't leave anything in sight that invites another smash and grab.

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Chanman195 said...

Coaching in SF and using public facilities for all our practices, we have a specific job known as "bag watcher." It's usually the managers and/or an athlete who is injured and can't run. But I also use a Google Doc and have parents sign-up to come. On most days, we have one parent and 3-6 kids sitting with our backpacks and bags during practice. I've started bringing my backpack with my laptop with me (instead of leaving it locked in the back of my car) thinking that that is probably a safer option.

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