Sunday, October 02, 2016

Northern California Top 15 Individuals (Boys and Girls)

Now that we are in October, here is my updated list of the top individuals in Northern California. The lists are both in alphabetical order (I know, weak sauce) but it's still very difficult to rank the individuals. I will rank them once we hit mid October. Until then, discus.

Top 15 Boys in alphabetical order
Liam Anderson Redwood (NCS) Division III
Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau Bellarmine (CCS) Division I
Collin De Julio Vista del Lago (SJS) Division III
Jack Emanuel Chico (NS) Division Division III
Luis Grijalva Armijo (SJS) Division I
Brendan Jones Jesuit (SJS) Division I
Jake Ritter Granite Bay (SJS) Division II
Alex Scales Bellarmine (CCS) Division I
Adrian Schroeder Dublin (NCS) Divsion II
Brian Schulz El Molino (NCS) Division V
Andrew Skoy Shasta (NS) Division III
Kent Slaney Palo Alto (CCS) Division I
Anirudh Surapaneni Dublin (NCS) Division II
Cooper Teare St Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) Division V
Michael Vernau Davis (SJS) Division I
Zach Walker Willow Glen (CCS)

Honorable Mention in alphabetical order
Colton Colonna St. Francis, Mt. View (CCS) Division II
Ryan Cutter Hercules (NCS) Division IV
Dylan Doblar Bellarmine (CCS) Division I
Isaias De Leon De La Salle (NCS) Division II
Neil Braganza Dougherty Valley (NCS) Division I
Jake Emanuel Chico (NS) Division III
Ben Holland Jesuit (SJS) Division I
Eli Horwitz Stuart Hall (NCS) Division V
Mikolaj Krajewski Lowell (SFS) Division I
Shyam Kumar St. Francis (CCS) Division II
Tre Lockwood Granite Bay (SJS) Division
Luca Mazzanti Santa Rosa (NCS) Division II
Robert Miranda Menlo School (CCS) Division IV
Roman Munoz King City (CCS) Division IV
Noah Wallace Rio Americano (SJS) Division III
Jared Yabu Campolindo (NCS) Division III

Top 15 Girls in alphabetical order
Alex Beitia Granite Bay (SJS) Division Division II
Kinga Bihari Granada (NCS) Division II
Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS) Division V
Sofia Castiglioni Davis (SJS) Division I
Sarah Chaves El Camino (SJS) Division Division III
Meredith Corda Monte Vista (NCS) Division II
Isabella Fauria St. Francis (SJS) Division II
Mari Friedman Santa Cruz (CCS) Division IV
Alize Hartke Oakmont (SJS) Division II
Cassy Haskell Miramonte (NCS) Division III
Elena Kamas Homestead (CCS) Division I
Kiera Marshall St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) Division V
Glennis Murphy Redwood (NCS) Division III
Hannah Ruane Campolindo (NCS) Division III

Honorable Mention in alphabetical order
Kate Bowen Sonoma Academy (NCS) Division V
Sierra Brill Lowell (SFS) Division I
Isabella Chao Campolindo (NCS) Division III
Kaela Dishion Bret Harte (SJS) Division IV
Isabella Dobson Elk Grove (SJS) Division II
Abigail Fisk Davis (SJS) Division I
Kaylah Grant Live Oak (CCS) Division I
Niki Iyer Harker (CCS) Division IV
Cassi Land Sonora (SJS) Division IV
Sophie Karperos Rio Americano (SJS) Division III
Kathryn Loken Del Campo (SJS) Division II
Colleen McCandless Granada (NCS) Division II
Cessair McKinney Bella Vista (SJS) Division II
Abbey Meck San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) Division IV
Natalie Novitsky Sacred Heart Prep (CCS) Division IV
Olivia O'Keeffe Davis (SJS) Division I
Delaney Rasmussen Vista del Lago (SJS) Division III
Sydney Vandegrift St. Francis (SJS) Division I
Marea Zlatunich Aptos (CCS) Division III

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Anonymous said...

Alize Hartke of Oakmont; 17:10 at Lowell, 1st in large school at Pacific Tiger

Albert Caruana said...

Yes. I had her written down but didn't include her in the list. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Colton Colonna St. Francis sophomore ran a 15:29 at Stanford. Should be on that list somewhere.

Anonymous said...


Um. No. That's a top 15 list for Nor Cal.

Lots of Saint Francis parents commenting lately. You're fanboy comments are making me lose respect for your team.

Anonymous said...

When are mid season rankings for each division top 5 teams and individuals coming out

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:40. Colton did well Saturday and out ran several others on the list. He should get a honorable mention at the very least.
Has Robert Miranda raced this season?

Joe said...

@10:13 I'm not sure how responding to a post (on a different thread) about Bell's B team beating St Francis or suggesting that a kid, who ran faster at Stanford than at least 11 kids on the list above, should be included is being a "fanboy" or deserving of losing your respect but so be it. While I am a St Francis parent, I think there are enough knowledgable people on this site that some of the comments about the school come from non-parents. That's what happens here. We love, discuss, and debate about the sport, whether or not you are associated with a particular school.

Albert Caruana said...

Colton Colonna has been added to the HM list. He is the #1 runner for one of the top teams in NorCal and deserves to be on the list.

I will have team rankings up in about two weeks or perhaps after this weekend with Clovis, Serra and Castro Valley invites.

Thank you for all the feedback. I appreciate all the positive dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Surprised Zach Walker is in the Top 15 over Ryan Cutter. Not only did Cutter run 12 seconds faster (and win his race) at Stanford but he did it with little competition as he led by 5-10 seconds the whole race. Great job to both guys!! just not understanding the thinking behind your rankings Albert.

Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

Hi Coach Car...Nice job again, it's tough to do these esp with a few major races already under way...

I just don't get the animosity between Bellarmine and St. Francis...both of these teams should actually be working together to have more auto bids for their league (WCAL) in Track...Colton Colonna is legit (just cannot deny that at all)...there are no other NorCal Sophomore boys runner other than Liam Anderson who is comparable...And besides, these sophomore boys, including Henry Saul are just solid GREAT kids...

Again, this ain't football, this is XC, we toe the same start line and finish with the same pain because we love it...and at the end of the day, we grab a drink together...other than rugby, I don't see any other sport with such camaraderie with each other...As my HS XC Coach would say "Go Run 1!" Best wishes the rest of the season, it's not how you begin, but how you end your season that truly counts! ;)

pmccrystle said...

I agree completely with Menlo XC/Track Coach...and I am pretty sure any seemingly acrimonious posts between St. Francis and Bellarmine aren't coming from the two schools themselves, because I know on our team we hold the students and coaches at St. Francis in the highest regard, as people and athletes. Their program has improved as much if not more than any program in the CCS in the last few years, in my opinion, and that is due in large part to their character. I am inspired by the way they race, and proud as a fellow WCAL coach and CCS member by their success and comportment. Go CCS!! We'll have a chance to run against Oregon's best this weekend when another model program visits the CCS for the Crystal Springs Invite: Central Catholic of Portland Oregon, 4 time defending 6A State Champs!! CC's coach is none other than former St. Francis coach Dave Frank...should be fun to watch the races!!

Anonymous said...

8:16. Cutter's 15:26 is solid and ahead of Colonna too. So Cutter's time is at least worthy of an HM for this evolving list.

I'd venture to guess Walker had a rough day at Stanford. He finished only 4 seconds behind Beaudoin-Rousseau two weeks ago at DLS, well ahead of a lot of the guys in the top 15.

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you Patrick. I appreciate you chiming in here.

I also think that it's time to close the comment section here. I appreciate the passion some of you bring to these conversations but you should also remember that these are high school students we are talking about. This is not basketball or football. This is cross country, track and field, distance running. I would say that many of the runners that race each other battle like crazy when racing but totally respect each other off the field. At Stanford, Cooper Teare and Michael Vernau raced against each other and then I saw them cooling down together after. That is what our sport is all about.

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