Saturday, October 08, 2016

Crystal Springs Invitational

I will be at the Crystal Springs Invitational today. I will post videos from the meet at this link:

You can also find updates on Twitter at and

Live Results Link:

Feel free to comment on this meet in the section below. There will be other meets that will obviously take place as well today like Clovis, The Other Meet and more. If you have any updates of those meets, feel free to share those as well.


Anonymous said...

What about us old foggies without TweeterGram?

Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to say it. It's getting interesting.
1. St.Francis broke up the Bellarmine Army just a little more.
2. There were surprising performances on both teams.

Anonymous said...

Which performances were most surprising?

Albert Caruana said...

Sierra Brill Lowell winning the championship varsity girls race was a surprise to some people. Probably same for Alex Scales. I know he has been running well but not sure if he has been their #1 yet this season.

Anonymous said...

Well anyone ahead of Meka.
Shyam gapping Colton by 19s.
The Bell's D'Orfani moving up in the overalls, possibly putting two sophs in the varsity scoring range.
I'll add Julian Adam of Westmont. He wasn't listed anywhere, but he had the 4th best CCS time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Lancers could have a chance to beat the Bells when it counts

Anonymous said...

The Lancers have some work to do to catch the Bells this year. Not saying it can't happen if one or two of the 3,4,5 guys flip their positions. They also only have 2 more chances - WCAL 2 at the Polo Field and WCAL Final back at Crystal. I think both teams will be pushed in those races but both know that winning CCS is the main goal, and both are heavy favorites to repeat. Next year, the positions could very well be reversed because Bell has 3 senior scorers and, when Richardson is healthy, 4 seniors in the top 7. By contrast, the Lancers are relatively young having no senior scorers and only 2 in their top 7. On top of that, SF's "B" team won the battle of the second 7 at WCAL 1 by 58 to 71, and the Frosh team placed 3 boys (2,3,7) before Bells first (8). Anything can happen the rest of this year or next but one thing is certain - this WCAL battle will be the one to watch for some time to come.

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