Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Crystal Springs course use

With CCS taking place at the Crystal Springs course, here are a few course rules that you should be aware of if you are taking your athletes to the course.

First, check the race schedule and make sure you are not practicing on the course on the same day. The rule is you must be done 90 minutes before the start of any competition or 60 minutes after any competition on the course. You cannot practice at the same time as an official competition. Also, do not drive your car on to the course if the gates are open.

If you take your athletes to the course for a practice, please make sure you bring your first aid kit and medical cards. If you take more than 10 athletes to the course for a practice, you will need a pay a $20 fee for each practice. All the info about where to send the payment is in the course handbook (link below).

With the intermittent rain in the next week or so, it's possible that the course will be closed. If you get to the last gate to the course and there is a big sign which says "Cross Country Course Closed", please turn around and go back home. Jumping over the fence could result in you and your athletes getting arrested (not kidding). The reason for the closure is to keep the course in good shape for all the league final meets and CCS. 

You can check back here for updates on whether the course is open or closed. I can save you a trip if I find out the course has been closed already.


Anonymous said...

Is course open on Saturday before or after the NIRCA race per the time requirements stated?

Albert Caruana said...

My best guess is that it will be closed especially if it rains on Thursday and Friday.

Anonymous said...

Was the meet canceled Thursday for a "chance" of rain?

It didn't even rain until later. Will league meets be canceled for chance of rain? Or if it is raining? I thought this was XC and we run though anything. Anyone have the scoop?

Albert Caruana said...

My best guess is that the meet was canceled due to rain. I understand that it didn't rain until later but such decisions have to be made earlier in the day. The reason such a meet would be canceled is because after or during rain, a large contingent of runners would leave a lot of footprints which will dry out that way. With the upcoming league and CCS meets, I am sure the meet was canceled to leave the course in good shape for those meets.

In regards to the league finals, those meets cannot be canceled. Those are the qualifying meets for CCS.

Coach Tim said...

The PAL meet was cancelled due to expected rain. The early morning forecast had chance of precipitation at 100% at the same time as the first scheduled race. Unfortunately, by the afternoon forecast that had fallen to 30%, and as we witnessed there was no actual rain until after the meet would have concluded.

I understand the argument that cancelling early in the day keeps the kids in class, saves districts money on transportation, etc. I especially get it for the CCS meet where some teams are coming from several hours away. But for the PAL in particular, none of us are more than like 20 minutes drive from the course. I think we could have waited until later in the day to make the call.

Mostly I'm bummed because, man were we ready to run (and so were the other teams).

Albert Caruana said...

When you schedule a meet at the crystal springs course, you are subject to the rules of that course. A meet cancellation is one of the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

California. Where meets are cancelled due to a chance of rain.

I wonder how many football games are cancelled today?

Albert Caruana said...

Can't compare football played on an all-weather turf field vs a course that is about to be used quite a bit in the next two weeks.

Anonymous said...

I may be old but I've seen plenty of football games played in the mud and cross country meets in the rain. But I get why they would want to keep Crystal in good shape.

GHPADD said...

Just sayin...if this is such an important course you would think that it would be groomed for big races versus left alone after a "rain" race. In light of today's technology of walk-behind trail groomer equipment the excuse of rain issues is baseless.

Again...just sayin!

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