Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 North Coast Section Individual Rankings

Here are the top 5 individuals for each division. If you feel I missed someone or somebody should move up from where they are ranked below, please feel free to comment below.

Division I

Girls - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Danika Newlin Castro Valley
2.    Kayla Neumann California
3.    Sophie Phillips Berkeley
4.    Aushmita Grewal Dougherty Valley
5.    Leikela Lunt Castro Valley

Boys - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Neil Braganza Dougherty Valley
2.    Quinn Schimidh Doughery Valley
3.    Sebastian Andersson Berkeley
4.    Arman Pabla James Logan
5.    Tommy Bell Dougherty Valley

Division II
Girls - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Meredith Corda Monte Vista
2.    Kai Bohannon Liberty
3.    Kinga Bihari Granada
4.    Amanda Olla San Ramon Valley
5.    Kate Tavella San Ramon Valley/Maddie Coney Monte Vista

Boys - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Isaias DeLeon De La Salle
2.    Adrian Schroeder Dublin
3.    Anirudh Surapaneni Dublin
4.    Tristan Miller Monte Vista
5.    Daniel Maneloveg Monte Vista
6.    John Bennett Granada

Division III
Girls - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Glennis Murphy Redwood
2.    Hannah Ruane Campolindo
3.    Isabella Chao Campolindo
4.    Gillian Wagner Redwood
5.    Lauren Lum Alameda

Boys - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Liam Anderson Redwood
2.    Andrew Thomas Redwood
3.    Jared Yabu Campolindo
4.    Ben Lawson Maria Carrillo
5.    Raymond Diaz Campolindo

Division IV
Girls - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Cassidy Haskell Miramonte
2.    Emma Wawrznek Bishop O'Dowd
3.    Gabrielle Petersen Healdsburg
4.    Jourdan Amen Bishop O'Dowd
5.    Shelby Nelson Encinal

Boys - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Ryan Cutter Hercules 
2.    Munir Kabara San Rafael
3.    Kellen O'Neill Arcata
4.    Jonathan Fierro Miramonte
5.    Dante De Los Santos Justin-Siena 

Division V
Girls - (Top 6 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Kiera Marshall St. Joseph Notre Dame
2.    Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy
3.    Kate Bowen Sonoma Academy
4.    Emily Perez St. Joseph Notre Dame
5.    Grace Dailey Branson

Boys - (Top 5 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame
2.    Brian Schulz El Molino
3.    Eli Horwitz Stuart Hall
4.    Andre Williams Kelseyville 
5.    Sean Laidlaw Lick-Wilmerding


Anonymous said...

No Rylee Bowen for D-5?

Albert Caruana said...

She is 2nd in Division V.

Anonymous said...

Luca Mazzanti of Santa Rosa should for sure be in the top 5 for d2

Anonymous said...

Your ratings are always done really well with thought and stats behind them. Can you shed light on how Kate Bowen is placed ahead of Emily Perez, curious but not to say I disagree just wondering

Anonymous said...

Tommy Bell should be ranked one spot higher in my opinion (D1 boys)

Anonymous said...

How many individual spots are there in each division?

Albert Caruana said...

The top 5 individuals not on a qualifying team will advance to the state meet in each division provided they are in the top 12 (2 team qualifiers), top 14 (3 team qualifiers), top 16 (4 team qualifiers), top 18 (5 team qualifiers) and top 20 (6 team qualifiers).

Unknown said...

Is Vanessa Meija from James Logan running this season? If so shouldn't she be ranked in the top 5 individuals for Division I?

Andrew said...

@Jacob Neel

Haven't seen her in any results or else she probably would be ranked. She is on their roster according to She raced sparingly last year as well and was able to have a good race at NCS. Wouldn't count her out yet.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is still up to date...but Jett Charvet from Heritage ran 14:35 at the Apache Invitational (it's apparently 3 miles!)....

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