Wednesday, October 05, 2016

CSM Crystal Springs Cross Country Course Rules and Regulations

To Race Directors and Associates,
At a recent competition at the course a situation occurred the caused a great deal of concern. 
Several coaches showed up with their teams medical release forms on their cell phones.
This is not going to work for several reasons:
1. The cell phone  must travel travel in the ambulance to the hospital with the athlete.
   What happens if a second athlete on the same team has to be transported, there will be no form available.
2.The legality of these forms are in question. These forms differ from school district to school district..The ones that I saw did not have a parent or guardian signature on the form.
nor could I see evidence of an electronic signature and I am not sure that an electronic signature is legal on a medical document. 

With the above situations possible, College of San Mateo's Athletic Dept. has directed me to advise all coaches thatelectronic medical forms will not be accepted at CSM Crysral Springs Cross Country Course
Each runner must have a hard paper copy of their medical release form signed by a parent or guardian in their coaches position OR THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN OR COMPETE--  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
This ruling will be effective starting on Saturday October 8 at the Serra Invitational. 
Thank you for your cooperation, help pass the word around.



Len said...

Any word on the schedule of races.

Albert Caruana said...

Not yet. I am guessing it will be out by tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

got to love Bob Rush

Albert Caruana said...

The course is in pristine condition every season due to Bob's hard work over the summer.

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