Thursday, October 27, 2016

College of San Mateo Two-Mile Challenge and Registration Link

College of San Mateo Track and Field is excited to announce the inaugural Two-Mile Challenge. The meet is open to high school athletes to serve as a final prep race to get ready for the CIF State Championships or as an opportunity to run one more fast race for the cross country season.

The meet will be ran with heats created based each athletes fastest projected two-mile time. The time of the race will occur attempting to simulate the early morning conditions of the CIF State Cross Country Championships in Fresno. Event fields will be created in order to best benefit the athletes and run a fast time.

Attached is the flyer, the meet information, and registration link on direct athletics.

Just a heads up that the information for the CSM Two-Mile Challenge has been updated and can be found at the

The updated meet packet is at this link: 


Hank said...

The meet is open to ALL athletes, regardless of age. It is an all-comer 2 mile. Yes, the focus is to be a fast, final prep for State but since it is not sanctioned by the CCS it is open to all athletes so as not to jeopardize anyone's elegibility.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. The other sections always race the week before the State Meet and seem ready in Fresno. The CCS with the week off comes out flat many times. This is a chance to stay sharp and run fast. We'll be there...

Anonymous said...

Hank, since the event is not sanctioned, must the athletes enter 'unattached' and run in random gear, or can they enter for their school and wear school uniforms?

Albert Caruana said...

You definitely should run unattached and do not wear school uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Any word on the turn out for this?

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