Friday, October 07, 2016

Congratulations to CCS Honor Coach, Aragon coach, Frank Hunt

From yesterday's San Mateo Daily Journal

Aragon coach earns
CCS Honor Coach accolades

Frank Hunt, a longtime cross country coach currently at Aragon, but who also spent several years at Burlingame, was named a CCS Honor Coach.

CCS Honor Coaches are selected by a vote of their coaching peers. Hunt will honored Nov. 12 following the CCS cross country championships at Crystal Springs.


Rob Collins said...

Congrats Frank, Well deserved and Honored to be able to get know you over the years while you were at Burlingame Hs and now Aragon. You have been a great mentor, coaching colleague and friend! I have enjoyed our talks over the years with you and as of the latest two days ago. Best of luck my friend and looking forward to watching you and your program the rest of the year!

JGilkey said...

Congrats Frank! No one deserves this honor more than you...

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