Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wharf to Wharf results


Anonymous said...

Vanessa F-ing Fraiser!

Top local woman, she's running 16's this year!!!

Coach Ozzie said...

Depends what you mean by local. Clara Peterson (formerly Horowitz) finished 31st overall and as the #4 woman in 31:59. Where I don't think Fraser's 35:23 is a great time, it is actually 1 second slower than she ran last year. That said, Fraser was very good last year at making the end of her seasons the best, so I wouldn't look at this race as much of anything except an indication that she is healthy and training. The original poster is right to be excited about what the things she could accomplish this year.

Anonymous said...

Local = Santa Cruz County.

5:50ish is good for a HS girl. Most first can't run that pace for 5k let alone 6 miles.

CCS Fan said...

I think mad props must also go to Mitch Moriarty (formerly from Aptos, now running for Cal Poly SLO). He got 13th place which is incredible in a field like that. I think that if he keeps up the hard work, he could really finish within the top 10 next year and for more years to come.

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