Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kim Conley and Shannon Rowbury racing in high school

The following pic was sent by Sacred Heart Cathedral coach Andy Chan.  The pic was believed to be taken by Cameron Potter at the Cowchip Classic in 2000 2001.
2001 Cowchip Classic girls' results


Anonymous said...

Who won?

Andy Chan said...

It looks like someone did some research on this already. Being a stickler for details, I just emerged from my closet after going through a box labeled 1998-2001. Yes, this picture is from the 2001 Cowchip Classic. Shannon (senior) was 1st in 18:06, Kim (sophomore) was 3rd in 18:33. Laura Muller of Woodland was 2nd in 18:24. Kim led Montgomery to the team win on this day - Sept 22, 2001, while SHC took 7th.

Anonymous said...

I remember both from their HS days. Kim was good back then...but has really gotten into shape in college. Congrats to both she and Shannon for representing NCS!!

Anonymous said...

Wish they'd bring that meet back! Look how it prepared these two athletes.

Anonymous said...

SHC is not In the NCS.

Albert Caruana said...

I think it was the meet that was noted as NCS.

Anonymous said...'re right SCH is not NCS but CCS. Weird schools in SF..carved out to NCS, CCS, and of course SFS!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i took that picture.
we (el molino) used to go to that meet every year until it ended.
i had a new high-speed digital camera around that time so i probably have a bunch of photos of these two; i'll have to check...i only have a million cd's of running photos!

also, that year i was at the artichoke invite and literally ran into rowbury--almost knocking her to the ground--while i was running around taking pictures of the meet. i remember that because it was rowbury, the star of the meet.


Anonymous said...

^ cool story bro.

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