Sunday, July 29, 2012

Comparing California XC courses

Here are a few resources for you to compare times from different XC courses.  

The first is a tool that you can find on (any issues?  Email Hank Lawson at

Second is the course converter courtesy of

Finally, if you really enjoy math, check out Sstoz Tes's blog with stats that would please the biggest stat geeks (term of endearment!) out there: (comparison of all the section cross country courses compared to Woodward Park).


John Rankr said...

Courses can't be compared. Distance calculations, weather, time of year, depth of fields, time of day, race day strategy (just to name a few) have too many variables (at least a few hundred, maybe more) for a mathematical equation.

One thing about XC is its all about place, times mean nothing.

Albert Caruana said...

It's not an exact science for some of the reasons you mentioned above. However, you can get an idea what most kids should run on certain courses based on previous times on other course. It's not going to be the same for everybody but you will get a ballpark figure that is fairly accurate.

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