Wednesday, July 18, 2012

San Diego Section Top 10 Individuals (Boys and Girls)

1)  Christian Freeman Carlsbad Division I
2)  Steven Fahy La Costa Canyan Division II
3)  Steven Lepe Monte Vista Division III
4)  Forrest Riley Ramona Division II
5)  Eric Sindel Mt. Carmel Division II
6)  Patrick Bourke Cathedral Catholic Division III
7)  Tal Braude Torrey Pines Division I
8)  Scott Snow Carlsbad Division I 
9)  George Martinez Sweetwater Division I
10)  Andrew Tellames Orange Glen Division II

1)  Kelly Lawson La Costa Canyon Division II
2)  Emma Abrahamson La Costa Canyon Division II
3)  Carina Gillespie Otay Ranch Division I
4)  Brianna Miller Carlsbad Division I
5)  Emily Lopez Monte Vista Division II
6)  Anne Charles Canyon Crest Academy Division III
7)  Bryn Rohner Rancho Buena Division I
8)  Rebekah Bosler La Costa Canyon Division II
9)  Rebeckah St. Laurent Rancho Bueno Vista Division I
10)  Lauren Voyles/Danielle Voyles Rancho Bernardo Division II


Anonymous said...

What is the enrollment size for those DII schools?

Albert Caruana said...

Here are all the divisions in the San Diego Section (it's a download):

The largest school in Division II is Scripps Ranch with 2377 and the smallest school is Lincoln with 1955.

Anonymous said...

Is dyestatcal..RIP? No activity in the forum and Risi-ESPN has dropped HS Basketball.

MV Moose said...

So their smallest school is larger than the largest CCS DII school. Well, life's not fair.

Anonymous said...

"Well, life's not fair."

That's a relative comment. The CIF allows each section to determine the enrollment cut-offs for the top 3 divisions. Each section has split the divisions up to ensure what they consider "fair" competition WITHIN the section.

Albert Caruana said...

Until the state dictates to each section the numbers for each divisions, each section is going to establish numbers that give them the best competition for each division. What teams do at state is not their concern. That's just reality.

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