Tuesday, July 03, 2012

2012 CCS Team Rankings & Individual Comparisons

As compiled by Hank Lawson of www.lynbrooksports.com:
Thoughts?  Comments?


Anonymous said...

These are very under-researched

Anonymous said...

I would think more like this

1 - SLV or Aptos SLV has the four strong returners and Anna Maxwell. But Aptos has Hiltz, and a team that has a reputation to be strong
3 could be between San Benito, SI, and Mitty. San Benito has a strong leader in Estrada, Mitty will be led by Haar, and SI will have Hacker. All these teams have strong other runners but I just looked back at some stats from last year and Mitty had the fastest seventh runner, which is a sign for a very strong team (coached by Craig Lee). SI will depend on their second and third runner. WCAL should be a preview of what is going to go down between Mitty and SI. But these three schools are different divisions.

Mt. View will depend on returner Weigel. And their situation with a coach? They notably have a strong distance team and the runner's experience will hopefully make up for the loss of Sturges

I would not count Presentation out. They will be fighting in a D2 spot for state, with leader Wood. But like Lawson said, she needs help from her teammates.

Los Gatos could be in the run for a good season. Hopefully Katz will return to help lead her team.

Watch out for Westmoor, with super strong leader Kylie Goo. She will make an impact as an individual but hopefully her team can help her out.

WCAL fanboy said...

Some girls wcal talk...

Let's be clear. Dina coaches the Mitty girls XC. Talk like that will get Craig Lee demoted to the boys team.

SI is #3 in ccs, 6 of 7 return with #5 19:50 last year. Mitty will challenge, my guess is Haker and Marr dual out for the league title.

Pres will be good as always as will SHC who return everyone. St. Francis had a down year but they will fight for a top 3 spot this year with solid freshman and a top returning Soph.

For the boys, bell is under rated. They will be supreme. SI will be #2, everyone else will fight for the auto qualifier. SHC will be up there in a weak D3 again...if they make it to CCS.

Anonymous said...

After looking over results of Both Teams on the SLV-Aptos Match up it might be fun to watch. By Checking out Depth it Leans Towards SLV! SLV, Maxwell 10:21 3200 2012,MacMillian 11:19 2012, Germany 3000m 10:45 converted 11:32 for 3200 2012, Sherman 11:48 2011 and 5:12 2012, Jensen 11:00.4 3000m converted 11:48 2012, Lamb 11:19.4 3000m converted 12:09 2012, Lugue 12:33 2012, Weigel 12:45 2012 and 12:20 2011, Pavelko 12:46 2012! Then Aptos Hiltz 10:43 Knowing she should be able to run faster, Peabody 12:06 3200m 2012 but 11:22 in 2011 and 5:06 1600m 2012, Stranger 11:42.3 3200 2011 5:12 1600m 2012, Abundis 11:44 3200 2012 and Jimenez 12:31 3200m 2012! Then Aptos always finds someone!

Anonymous said...

Aptos is getting another stud freshman. They'll be # 1 again.

Robinson puts a point between Hiltz and Maxwell (beat her CCS, state & Fl. The question is here will 2-3-4 step up. But let's move this talk to the boys. Girls is getting more competitive but it drops off big after 2-3 teams.

John Rankr said...

Boys Preview:
D1: Carlmont / Bell dual meet
D2: All Los Gatos
D3: Not much going on here
D4: SLV mountain boys get it done.
D5: Time Trial for CSU.

Girls Preview:
D1: Hollister makes their move.
D2: SI, Mitty, Pres makes this WCAL champ part 2.
D3: Toughest division in CCS. Aptos 1-2-3.
D4: SLV dominance
D5: CSU machine rolls on.

Anonymous said...

to "john Rankr"'s comment, accurate except the SI no longer will compete in D2, so they move back down to D3.

John Rankr said...

Oh crap my bad on SI. Makes D3 the biggest badass division for sure then. Some good runners staying home this year.

Anonymous said...

All Los Gatos?

A ragon
L eland
L os Altos all will have something to say about that.

Anonymous said...

You want to talk about Boys! But when You have Probably The Best Group of Distance Girls Ever in One year for CCS! These Girls are all rewriting history Hear! Robinson, Hitlz, Maxwell, Fraizer and Estrada are All Studs! Which Will Make the Biggest Jump! Hitlz didn't Improve to Much from Track a Second in the 1600m But then she likes to Run from behind so she will will run with anybody, Robinson you Never know or even if she is going to Run Xc and focus strictly on Soccer Now! Frazier Very Good Improvement, But Maxwell and Estrada looks Like to me had the biggest Improvement from the 800 to the 3200m! To bad they all won't get to race each other alot though for Sections! That would be one Hell of a Race!

Anonymous said...

Wcal fanboy.... I did not mean that as any disrespect to Dina Oakland. She has coached a fabulous Mitty track and xc team for years. I was just implying that Craig is still just two years new to the program and as an assistant coach he seemed to help them a lot last year.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the first comment in this strand: If these have come from Hank Lawson (which they did, along with input from others) then one thing you can be sure of: They are well researched!!! Reading the various comments has me vrey excited for a great XC season in the CCS. The individual girls will make many of the invitationals (and the SCCAL league meets!!!) must see HS sports, in my opinion. On the boys side, it would seem CCS is down in terms of overall talent in both individuals and teams (other than Estifanos, who will be superb), but I bet the competition will be fierce, though Carlmont with 5 returners under 16 on Crystal makes them the clear favorite; the question is, can they translate that into a top 10 or better finish at State. Good luck to all!!!!

The Animal said...

^ no. Bellarmine will still beat them at state

Anonymous said...

And finish 14th in the process. Big deal. That's why CCS is WAY more important for Div 1. Both these teams can't even sniff the podium at state, so who really cares who finishes 14th or 15th. Bellermine is going to have its work cut out just getting there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'd rather win a meaningless watered down division title where all the best teams and individuals don't race each other.

You talk like a loser. How you do in the qualifying rounds means little. Take the trials. Are the athletes measured on how the placed at the trials or the Olympics? Who cares if you got 1-2-3... Just get there. Then do as best as you can.

Funny you are so pumped up for Carlmont then say how the suck.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for most of us, just making it out of CCS trials(G1600 5:12.89), or to State(BDiv 2 XC 15:37) is a monumental accomplishment in itself. Let alone the Olympics. I'd bet McCrystal is not calling his Kids losers if they care about CCS. Where does that leave the 200 kids who don't even make CCS for him? Watered Down? There were almost 40 kids in the Div 1 race who'd run sub 16 at Crystal. Carlmont ran#21 AT team time. You must have quite a resume to think like that.

Sorry, but that's how it goes. Right now the best overall boys teams in CCS take the biggest beating at State. So as far as State is concerned, I guess they both suck. I can see why most teams might put a little more emphasis on a CCS title. I doubt Belermine considers CCS "The Trials". If so they'd better be really focused on "The Trials" this year. They're going to have to work hard just to beat SI at WCAL's. Oh but who cares about the " QuarterFinals" right?

"We didn't win because we didn't want to, because everybody knows the next race is waaaaay more important". Now that's talking like a sore loser.

GirluNoItsTrue said...

Please use the Internet to research the 2012 WCAL Track & Field Championships.

Frosh/Soph: 4 under 4:45
Varsity: 1 at 4:31

Frosh/Soph: 3 under 10:14
Varsity returning: 3 sub 10, another 10:12.

These are not PRs. It's just one race. Now let's compare Carlmont. Oh... Right. They still drink the cool aide that training privately is the way to go!

kevin said...

A team that returns 5 of 7 from last years Championship team, and who's 5 and 6 ran 16:09, and 16:20. Thats all the stat checking I need. I don't care where CCS is. I'll bet that team ends up high on the AT Toro list when it's all said and done.
Give Hinojosa, Bordoni, Valencia, and Rae a little credit. Of course Bellermine will be strong, but it's a little presumptuous to just assume all these kids r going from 10:10 to 9:35 just like that. Bellermines #1 and #2 have yet to show they can run with the elites regularly. That usually happens by junior year. Oh that's right, they're both seniors. Please use the internet to research Mark Vingralek #8AT freshman Crystal Springs. Would it kill u to give a little aknowlegement to a team with 5 of 7 retuning from #21 AT at Crystal. Go check out your Bellermine teams on that list. It'll give u something new to puff your chest out for. You'd better hope Carlmont is nothing like those teams, or you'll only be fighting for that 2nd slot to state for a few years. BTW I'm from Saratoga. I'm only impressed with the way Carlmont has recovered from what looked like a death sentence for the program. Whatever they're doing, you may not agree, but it sure seems to be working just fine. I just think you're a little over confident, unless your initials Are P.M, C.D., or R.M.

John said...

I'll leave the who's better than who debate to you all. But I think "what race is more important" is not so black and white. Here's my thoughts:

I'd take a CCS Team Title over a top 10 finish at State.

I'd take a State Podium Finish over a CCS team title (though lets be honest, you'd probably get both).

League titles are nice but I'd rather make it to State.

I'd rather go to State as a team than have the individual champion CCS champion.

All we can do is our best ever race and let the cards fall.

kevin said...

I feel like I'm trying to convince a Red Sox fan to like the Yankees. Not the smartest move. I guess Scotts vs. Bells is a pretty solid XC rivalry. Sorry for going so far OT.
I'm very impressed with both programs, and let's be honest, Division 1 might as well be an NCAA regional when it comes to depth. A CCS All Star team would be challenged to win in some years.
How about state Division 4. Frazier, Gibson, and Maxewell are Top 3 returners. Big props to the SCCAL.
Hiltz should be the favorite, but will have her work cut out for her in Div 3. That little girl from Sac, Garcia, is a maniac.
It will be really interesting to watch Goo in Div 2. She's raced every distance at track very well, and has been getting stronger each year in XC. I hope Robinson will be around a little to push her. Both should be Top 5 easily.
That Girls AT Toro list is going to need a serious update.
This boys sophomore class is smoking too. Sum, Vingralek, Foster, Romero, PiƱa Jr., Haderle, Torres-Gonzale and Blake. This group is going to do some serious damage at Toro in 2014.

hank said...

Walt sent me his pre-season time "Comparisons", they can be seen at:



Anonymous said...

Carlmont placed 10th at state last year and returns 6 of those 7 runners and only loses their 4th runner from that race...that says to me that they can compete this year with the best

Anonymous said...

^ I think that has been established here. Do you have any track stats to show they improved this spring. Bell has 7+ guys all 10 low or under.

Anonymous said...

When you say ten low, what do you mean? Because i saw 4 bells around 10 or under.

Anonymous said...

I mean 10:07, 10:07, 10:14. Check JV results.

Anonymous said...

Bellarmine has 4 guys under 10, (9:29, 9:30, 9:52, 9:54), and a 10:01, 10:07, 10:07, 10:14. They really had a good track season and will be ready during cross country

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