Thursday, July 26, 2012

State track champion Sasha Wallace transferring to Castro Valley High


Anonymous said...

Curious what AP courses not offered at a private catholic school but is offered at Castro Vally? CV definitely is a very good HS that is a feeder to most D-1 colleges.

Peter Brewer said...

Here are the Advanced, Honors and Advanced Placement classes offered at Castro Valley High:

English Sophomore English Advanced
American Literature Honors*
AP English Literature*

Math AP Calculus*
AP Statistics*
AP Studio Art*
Algebra 2 Advanced

Science Physics Honors*
Biology Honors*
AP Biology
Chemistry Honors*

World Lang.
AP French*
AP German*
AP Spanish*
AP Japanese*
ASL Honors

Visual & Performing Arts
AP Art History*
Advanced Studio Art
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Graphic Design

Social Studies
AP U.S. History*
AP European History*
AP Economics
AP Chemistry*
AP Environmental Sci.*

And here are the Advanced, Honors and Advanced Placement classes offered by Holy Names.

Visual and Performing Arts Department
Advanced Drama
AP Studio Art
AP Music Theory

Social Studies Department
Advanced Placement U.S. History
Government and Economics Honors

Science Department
Biology Honors
Advanced Placement Biology
Chemistry Honors
Advanced Placement Chemistry

Mathematics Department
Geometry Honors
Adv Algebra/Trigonometry Honors
PreCalculus Honors
Advanced Placement Calculus AB

Modern Languages Department
Advanced Placement French
Advanced Placement Spanish

English Department
English 9 Honors
English 10 Honors
English 11 Honors
Advanced Placement English

a parent said...

Certainly the Wallace family will do whatever they think best for their daughter - academically and athletically. If CV works better for them, then do it! No-brainer.

Anonymous said...

No need to bring up the AP, that is a poor argument really. I know kids who got into Stanford who did not take a single AP class. Rare, but it happens.

The financial reason is much more believable.

Still I'd imagine 30 days sitting out. Perhaps a move prompted by her private coach?

Anonymous said...

People talk but don't understand the reasons behind the reasons!! AP Courses was the driving factor behind the Transfer!! So if you don't know then don't assume bc as the saying goes you make an Ass out of you and me!!

Jamelle Wallace said...

There is only one record to set straight, and basically it's a result of the following:

My husband and I have invested in a private school education for our daughter at Hnhs, we chose the school because of the academics as published in the prior post. What an outsider may fail to realize, is that the school must first allow you to enroll in order to take the class. Sasha has petioned for three years, counseling meetings, administrative meetings and was told no.

As the previous posts state one or two AP courses don't get you into college, it's the level and rigor of those courses that support academic success, and our school of three years didn't give her access to this opportunity, despite the fact that the classes of interest to her we're available and had less than ten students in the classes.

Secondly during our meeting when we told we couldn't be accommodated (back in March), I wrote the school and asked them to deliver us options and basically received an email which politely suggested online courses at two to three schools for enrichment purposes only. Which would have resulted in an additional cost to our family. So basically we would pay Hnhs 1200 per month and then an online program additional money. The more insulting fact is that the high school was willing to give her an independent study class during a school day in which we were already paying for to take an online class. We have no issue with Hnhs, nor do we believe they have an issue with us. It is clear we didn't go there for their track program, we went there because of the reputation.

Please know in three years, I believe Sasha has earned the right to decide what is best for her academically, and her father and I have the right to decide how we will spend our money. So with all due respect, please know that HNHs despite its declining enrollment, high turnover in teachers and totally new Administration, it breeds for a dysfunctional organization, and lastly there is nobody going to Stanford right now, there is a higher number of kids going to junior colleges and state universities, and have been for the past two or three years. The data is available, trust me I checked.

That is all, no need to discuss this on public forum, I'm available at

Jamelle Wallace

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you very much Mrs. Wallace. Best of luck to your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Wallace,

My apologizes for even bringing to topic in a public forum. It was not my intent to questions you and your family because it your own personally decision. I've always respected HNHS and was curious what might be lacking others could be more inform.

Thanks for posting your information.

Jamelle said...

Your quite welcome, it's just important for all to know my daughter was and continues to find this situation painful, and we had no interest in bringing more stress into her life, she's a good hardworking kid that desires a pretty high caliber college experience, and as parents we must adcocate for that.


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