Saturday, July 07, 2012

Central Coast Section Top 10 Individuals (Boys and Girls)

1)  Yohaness Estifanos Milpitas Division I
2)  Cody Johnson San Lorenzo Valley Division IV
3)  Richard Ho Leland Division II
4)  Miguel Vasquez Andrew Hill Division I
5)  Rory Beyer Aragon Divison II
6)  Steven Sum Saratoga Division III
7)  Charles DeAnda Bellarmine Division I
8)  Eduardo Garibay Yerba Buena Division II
9)  Ciaran Murphy St. Ignatius Division III
10)  Mark Vingralek Carlmont Division I

1)  Nikki Hiltz Aptos Division III
2)  Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley Division IV
3)  Vanessa Fraser Scotts Valley Division IV
4)  Sarah Robinson Gunn HS Division I
5)  Vanessa Estrada San Benito Division I
6)  Kylie Goo Westmoor Division II
7)  Molly Haar Archbishop Mitty Division II
8)  Katherine Lowdon Burlingame Division III
9)  Kaila Gibson Soquel Division IV
10)  Clare Peabody Aptos Division III

Comments?  Changes?  Who was left off?  Who should move up?  Who should move down?  Who are the impact freshmen?


Anonymous said...

Boys is almost perfect. Beyer and Sum should be numbers 9, and 10. Everything else is fine.

Girls is perfect.

Jose S. said...

Ruben Collins,Ryan Dimick and Christian Pedro could be in top 10.

Anonymous said...

^ who? Please list times and accomplishments.

Sun is right. He ran 9:24 as a frosh. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Robinson should be number 1...

Anonymous said...

Vasques should be ahead of Sum, and Byer. 15:40 Woodward, 4:21.2, 9:29 @ CCS trials, and D1 Champ in 2010. If Hacker is still around, she should be on this list. 18:25 at Crystal, and 19:12 at Woodward as a Soph. No track, but those times should still put her 7th or 8th.

Anonymous said...

I think Robinson should be were she is at regardless of how well she has done consistanlty, very talented but does not have enough races underneath her to Proove! What I can't stand is a athlete not going thru a actuall season like the rest and have to deal with several meets and go thru the ups and downs of a regular seasonlike the rest, when she does that then yes, She is Not in College yet!

Anonymous said...

^ the post above doesn't make sense.

As for Vasquez I agree. As for Hacker, 18:25 at Crystal won't make that top 10 this year. Not running track keeps you from taking that next step. My guess she is leap frogged. She is a solid #11.

Rob Collins said...

Hello Albert! After going over last Fall and spring results I would have to say Gibson needs to move up! Next I would have to route for My athlete Claire MacMillian, 1600m 5:11.03, 3200m 11:19.03, CCS XC 18:48, State 18:44, Vs Lowden 1600m 5:07.11, 3200m 11:19.31, CCS XC 20:19, State 19:17. The other but good enough to stay in top 10 Molly Haor 1600m 5:12.33, 3200m ?, CCS XC 18:40, State 19:37! Rob

Go Bells! said...

Molly Haar ran 11:03 for 3200. I'd say that makes the list.

Certainly a few deserve recognition but I'd say the list has the right 10. Argue about who deserves to move up one or two but the list is dang good. Well done.

Rob Collins said...

Just Saying, I agree with you about Haar, I was looking at actually Lowden though on time comparisons, only thing Lowden has on on MacMillian is the 1600m just shy of 4 seconds in 1600m otherwise MacMillian has faster times a slight 3200m and bigger gaps in XC on Crystal Springs and State! Just supporting my athlete!

Albert Caruana said...

Katherine Lowdon was basically a first year runner last year (former tennis player) and showed a lot of improvement from xc to track last year. All the runners mentioned in the comment section all deserve mention.

It's really tough to narrow it down to 10 as there are always going to be runners that are left off the list that could be ranked as well. I think the current list is a great conversation starter as you can see above. The real racing will determine who is actually the best and fortunately that is what really counts.

Rob Collins said...

Not a problem,Makes Since Albert!

Anonymous said...

Why is Nikki Hiltz number one?

Anonymous said...

ruben collins:9:45, 15:40,
Ryan Dimick: 15:31
Christian Pedro:15:29
Dimick and Pedro were injured during track.

Anonymous said...

Vingralek ran 15:37 but what else to get him ahead of those guys in the above comment?

Albert Caruana said...

Good question. I think the fact that he ran those times as a freshman. Bigger upside and improvement to sophomore year? We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Hiltz was the fastest runner at CCS XC Champs last year on the top team for all divisions. Made Footlocker after helping her team to the podium at State. Not to mention state champion at 1600.

So not much.

MV Elk said...

What? Not one Mountain View runner? And no mention of Alison Sterges. Even though she graduated? Im OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Albert Caruana said...

So outraged you misspelled her name. Maya Weigel was considered btw.

hank said...

Come on Alburt, give the guy a break.

hank :)

Anonymous said...

Hacker should be on the list. Harr and Lowdon had great seasons, but too much emphasis is being put on track. Was the freshman from Harker who ran 5:08 in 2011 a preseason Top 10 last year? Hacker has been 3rd overall for the class of 2014 both of the first 2 years at CCS only behind Maxewell, and Robinson. 18:25 is a smoking time for a Sophmore. I think A. Johnson may have been overlooked too. 18:18 at Crystal. I believe she was recovering from an injury in track.

Anonymous said...

Hacker Is good no doubt. But only running 3 months a year stalls your development. She might deserve to bump someone off the list preseason but it is going to be hard to stay there.

Craig Will have Molly Haar peaking at the right time. He is coaching the girls and the reason they will be so good. We all know it's because of him and as for the demoted to boys comment if that's true the boys will be winning CCS in 2 years too like the girls will this year.

Anonymous said...

I'd bet she's running more than 3 months. 22nd overall 19:15 at Toro freshman year, and 13th overall 18:25 at Crystal for Sophmore is consistent enough development for me. They new what to do with Hinds. Until they beat her I say she's right behind Goo. Peabody too based on that 18:23 she ran at Woodward alone. Johnson should be on the list 11:23 in track is right there with Lowdon and Peabody, and she's crushed Harr in XC.

Anonymous said...

I think harr deserves to be on there and lowdon as well. Johnson may have better times in 2011 xc than harr but harr crushed in the 3200. She may not have had the hottest xc season but with that time I think that she will. Lowdon was consistent and ran 1600 and 3200 both at ccs finals and ran a decent time in the 3200 after racing the 1600. I agree with alberts list

Albert Caruana said...

All valid points (especially the ones that agree with me...ha!) but seriously, when you have any list, somebody is going to be left off the list that probably deserves to be on the list as well. We'll just let the runners resolve who belongs on the list when the actual racing begins.

Anonymous said...

anyone ever think of putting on like a all star XC meet after the state meet or so in December? Could be like a top 7 from each division and you would take the top 7 from CCS or a top 7 from each MAJOR league. Would be fun and add a little excitement to the sport and people would make new friends.

The BVAL would be strong with Richard Ho(Leland), Miguel Vaquez(Hill),Eduardo Garibay(YB), Jose Pina(Lincoln), Jacob Cavillo(Leland), Ricardo Romero(Over),and Ryan Corvese(Sabrato) or Asutin Grindy(WG) or David Aguilar(OG).

SCVAL would look something like Yoheness Estifanos(MILP), Steven Sum(sara)Chris Foster(LG),Justin Tucker(Wilcox), Cooper Sloan(Home)Terrence Rabuzzi(LA),and Josh Cohen(LA)

WCAL would look like, Carlos DeAnda(bell),Ciaran Murphy(SI),Joey Berrutia(SERRA), Ricahrd Guzikowski(mitty), Raymond Meijer(Bell),Justin Barry(BELL), and Thomas Sayre(SI).

PAL would be strong with Ryan Dimick(carlmont),Jeff Stalum(Carlmont), Rory Bayer(Aragon), Christian Pedro(Arongon), Mark Vingralek(Carlmomt), Grant Murphy(Mills), and Atzin Cardiel(westmoor) or George Baier(MA)or Logan Marshall(HMB).

TCAL/MBL/MTAL,and SCCAL all star team would be Ruben Collins(SB),Steven Velarde(SB),Cody Johnson(SLV),Jacob Hicks(SLV), Ricardo Esqueda(SB), Ivan Pina(north salinas),Randy Sosa(greenfield)

I think the order of finish would be.

1)PAL. To much depth, straight up.

2) BVAL. Front runners HO, Vasquez and Garibay are a strong 1,2,3.Pina is a nice story Freshmen that ran 9:44 thats only gonna get better. Romero ran 15:55 last year with tons of leg speed.

3)The southern section CCS all star team. Cody Johnson is a beast, Collins was a huge surprise last year, but heard he may not run XC to concentrate on b-ball.
Velarde, Esqueda, and Sosa would be a strong 3,4,5. And Pina was a huge surprice that ran 9:43 in track.

4/5- SCVAL. Yohaness would fly, Sum 9:26 freshmen!!!!, and Foster 15:41 at Crystal last year as a Fresh.

It would be a battle between the SCVAL and WCAL but I think the SCVAL would win because Yohaness's 1 point he would get.

4/5- WCAL. Carlitos Deanda should be good and Meijer had a great track season running 9:29. Murphy isnt really a XC GUY.

Overall top 10
1. Yohaness
2. HO
3. Vasquez
4. Johnson
5. Garibay
6. Dimick
7. Sum
8. Beyer
9. Collins
10. Deanda

So does anybody wanna set this up?!?????!!!!!???????!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So you're putting WCAL up against Leages with 30+ teams? You would need to split the leagues to their smaller divisions.

What about the other leagues? MBAL, MTAL, SCCAL, etc. you just throw them in a southern division?

SCCAL girls would put 5 in the top 7. And PAL would not win. BVAL would dominate.

Coach Tim said...

The PAL has 11 returning runners who ran sub-16 at champs last year. The BVAL has 12 returning runners who ran sub-17 last year.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

But you only score 5. Just saying'

Anonymous said...

That BVAL top 3 could beat the PAL number 1 and the 4, and 5 from bval could hang with the PAL # 4 and 5.

Scoring would be BVAL 1,2,3, 8,10=24 PAL 4,5,6,7, 9=31

Anonymous said...

Impact freshman Marcus Avilla Willow Glen 2;02 800 and 4;43 1600

Anonymous said...

I believe will be at Bellermine with his Brother, Ricardo. No impact for D1.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say, he'll probably run FS if he's at Bellermine, at least for the first year. His brother was faster than Sum coming out of 8th grade, and will likely battle for a Varsity spot on the Bells. Watch out for those Sophmores. Especially PiƱa.

Anonymous said...

The Bell kid who ran 4:31 and ran 17 last year will be much better.

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