Saturday, July 07, 2012

Sac-Joaquin Section Top 10 Individuals (Boys and Girls)

1)  Jack Scranton Davis Division I
2)  Trent Brendel Granite Bay Division II
3)  Sean Jagerson Del Campo Division II
4)  Tyler Sickler Will C. Wood Division III
5)  Steven Grolle Sonora Division IV
6)  Trevor Stephens Del Oro Division III
7)  Jon Horvath Woodcreek Division II
8)  Ryan Hodgens Whitney Division III
9)  Swarnjit Boyal Division II
10)  Neilson Powless Victory Christian Division V

1)  Karlie Garcia Oakmont Division III
2)  Madeleine Ankhelyi Vista Del Lago Division III
3)  Clare Carroll Vista Del Lago Division III
4)  Faith Makau Enochs Division I
5)  Miranda Myers St. Francis (Sacramento) Division I
6)  Mackenzie Mills Vintage Division I
7)  Marisa Carino Oakmont Division III
8)  Mikayla Florez Riverbank Division IV
9)  Lauren Larocco St. Francis (Sacramento) Division I
10)  Karina Nunes Woodcreek Division III


NCSfanboy said...

Not completely necessary but a top 10 NorCal list would be cool. Individuals and/or teams

Albert Caruana said...

Sometime late July, early August.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the overall depth of the Girls in NorCal is unbelievable. There is so much talent in each of the 3 major sections. Lots of luck ranking them!

Anonymous said...

solid job with the guys rankins

Anonymous said...

You should do top ten state individuals by division

Ghpadd said...

It appears that a lot of weight was given to track results versus XC results from last year. 1-2 miles on the track is a world of difference from 5K on an XC course. Head to head on XC and last years Section/State results should play a more extensive role than Track results...which should be factored in...but, not as a high weight.

I personally believe that many of the individuals in the boys rankings are in the top 10. However, the order is not indicative of past results. How an individual can have the fastest time at State for the Section, be the only individual State medalist at XC and be ranked 6th going into the season is indicative of process that somehow has erroneously equated shorter distance track performance to XC. But, then again, Trevor Stephens did not get the respect he deserved all last season, until he proved his ability in the Championship meets, where it counts the most.

Just one person's opinion. The end of the season will once again be the tell of the tape.

Albert Caruana said...

I wrestled a lot with the rankings of the boys. I tried to look at all the data including section and state xc results as well as track times and results. I think those rankings will change throughout the season based on head to head competitions. Yes you are right that cross country and track are different but you can't discount the track times and the improvements that were made on the track by some of the runners.

I look forward to seeing how everything pans out during the season.

Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate all your comments.

Anonymous said...

I think the boys competition in SJS this year is going to be impossible to predict. There are so many runners with great potential and great past results. While the team battles appear to be locked up, there are so many teams with wild card individuals.

Pleasant Grove with Caton Avilla
Sheldon with Abdul Hamid
Bella Vista with Kyle Roux and Brynn Sargent
Oak Ridge with Dusty Armstrong
And Others

All of these runners plus those already mentioned above are going to make the championship season incredibly interesting to watch!!

Anonymous said...

what about Sophie Meads? she finished 2nd in the div1 section championships, beating Mackenzie Mills, Miranda Myers, and Lauren LaRocco very soundly.

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