Thursday, July 12, 2012

De La Salle gets state school of year recognition


NCSfanboy said...

I can appreciate the depth of their sports program but whenever I see articles about this school I always find myself wishing that it be mentioned that they require all their students to play a sport, and they recruit. Not slighting their achievements, just want to make sure the public understands some of the reasons for their success.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that you are putting down such a great school. They do not require students to play sports or recruit. They are an amazing school because of their teachers and coaches....spend a day there and you will understand how special it is.

Andrew said...

I know very little about De La Salle the school, but I know a lot about their various sports teams. I don't know if DLS recruits or requires their students to play a sport (I think only one of these is partially true). But I find NCSfanboy, a fan or runner or something for a school in the EBAL, a heck of a lot more credible than an anonymous poster.

Just supporting a fellow poster who doesn't hide behind anonymity.

NCSfanboy said...


Anonymous said...

Why is it every time a private school does well they recruit?

If by being successful parents want their kid to go there than yes. They do.

Here in the CCS private schools have need based aid. I personally think all private schools should have to submit and make public how many, who and how much aid is given. It should not be more percentage wise than the school population.

For example if Mitty basketball has 90-100% of its players receiving aid for 90-100% of tuition something is wrong.

I have heard of stories of recruiting. Mostly from coaches who also coach a club. But outside of one or two schools they are mostly on the up and up.

But then again I've heard stories about public schools working with Junior Highers and getting people to rent a vacant apartment to go to school there.

So... All part of the game I guess.

Stephan Spangenberg said...

I'm sorry, but before you accuse schools of unethical tactics can we at least think about whether these accusations even make sense? First of all, if De La Salle recruited do you not think that one of their army of haters might have uncovered the slightest shred of evidence to support this? Furthermore, even if, in some parallel universe, recruiting occurred in big name, big money sports like football and basketball, do you really believe the cross country and lacrosse teams are out recruiting? As for "requiring students to play a sport" this is a blatant lie, easily disproved. If you have any questions about De La Salle sports, academics or lifestyle please feel free to address them to my face, before you spread slander behind internet anonymity.

Thank you, NCSfanboy for your efforts in improving public understanding.

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