Saturday, November 19, 2011

NCS Team Champions '11 (Videos and pictures already posted with more to come)

Division IV Girls-Arcata HS
Division V Girls-University HS
Division IV Boys-St. Mary's, Berkeley
Division V Boys-St. Joseph Notre Dame
Division I Girls-Granada HS
Division II Boys-San Ramon Valley HS
Division III Girls-Campolindo HS
Division I Boys-De La Salle HS
Division II Girls-Maria Carrillo HS
Division III Boys-Campolindo HS


Anonymous said...

d5 teams always throw up the #1. Nice race by SJND, but still work to be done.

XC Fetish said...

Still waiting on those sexiest teams in ncs rankings Albert! By the looks of these photos SJND is the clear favorite, i mean come on...just look at those legs

Anonymous said...

I concur, just check out that Ratto kid. I <3 him

Anonymous said...

Seems that Clark and University went on a SJND for breakfast. But the Pilots had Wheaties at 10:17--breakfast of champions!! Good job boys..annihilation must taste sweet.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

this is why I was rooting for University for the D5 title. They may not be my favorite team out there, but at least they (and most other XC teams) don't shamelessly gloat when they win, or bitch and make petty exudes when they lose like SJND did last year when they lost to Urban.

its true that SJND is a very strong D5 team, but they need a lesson in sportsmanship.

Anonymous said...

I posted the diet comment. I am not from SJND nor did I go to SJND, saw the original comment about Clark eating kids for breakfast and felt compelled. If you missed the banter go to the Monday before NCS post... Plus the other comments look like they are jokes. You can't blame the team for their fans-- look at professional sports. Anyway, Fremont supports SJND!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you are talking about with the sportsmanship and SJND, as an opposing runner from their league they are the nicest team around. Also it wasnt them that was saying that their runner was going to "Eat Ratto for breakfast" Perhaps you should get to know somebody before throwing out an accusation, Anonymous 12:23.

Nick Ratto said...

I would like to address the person who said that my team (SJND) was gloating. This person has probably never competed against my team, and almost certainly does not know anyone on my team personally. If they did know us they would know that we were not gloating, we were just happy that we won NCS. It was perfectly reasonable that we were happy, as we beat a University team that has dominated our division for years and was picked to beat us this year. They are a good team with good coaching and it wasn’t easy to beat them. So next time before you publicly question my team’s character anonymously, actually know what you’re talking about.

To my fellow BSAL runner, thank you for standing up for us. BSAL is great league to run in and we had very successful year this year. Team sectional titles in D4 and D5 individuals going to state in D3 and D4. I don’t think to many other leagues can claim that much success this year.
Nick Ratto

Sorry said...

I now realize that it was wrong of me to judge a team's character based only on anonymous comments on XC express, and I had no right to express those feelings on a public board.

Dana said...

That Nick Ratto kid sure is classy. You are a great leader... SJND is a classy bunch of kids. Much love for the Pilots!!

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