Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CA State Meet Pictures and NXN live results link...

State Meet Pictures thanks to Spencer Allen and Margaret Gallagher and

NXN Live Results thanks to

Videos from races thanks to Results Posted:

Also coming up, more interviews with some of the top performers from the CA State Meet.  Keep your nominations coming and I will try to interview as many runners and coaches as I can.  What athletes do you want to hear from?  What about coaches?


Anonymous said...

Runners, say you missed going to NXN would you rather go and run the open race or go to footlocker and run at Mt. Sac?

Steezy Tom said...

Nick Ratto for an interview!

Anonymous said...

Vanessa Estrada, Anna Maxwell, Sarah Robinson.

Albert Caruana said...

Their contact information would be helpful. Email me at

Anonymous said...

Go down the Comparison list... I'd like to hear from the interviewees you haven't done.

Perhaps an alphabetical list should be kept of athletes and coaches?

Top 14… Likely First & Second Team CCS


Richard Ho
Johannas Estifanos
Aubrey Myjer
Kevin Bishop
Jack Bordoni
Andrew Prior
Grant Foster
Cody Johnson
Samuel Hales
Thomas Anthony
Miguel Vasquez
Esteban Valencia
Sean Davis
Charles DeAnda

Nikki Hiltz
Sarah Robinson
Anna Maxwell
Vanessa Fraser
Anna Welsh
Morgan Lira
Lauren Croshaw
Vanessa Estrada
Kat Gregory
Clare Peabody
Sarah Schreck
Laura Vasquez
Allison Sturges
Alyssa Johnson

Anonymous said...

seems like myjer would dominate that list after that state meet performance.

Dirty Bill said...

i'd love to hear from nick ratto, im such a fan!

Anonymous said...

Aubrey Myjer, Nikki Hiltz, Vanessa Fraser, Sarah Robinson

Anonymous said...

I think it would be really really interesting to see a list of most improved state meet performances, both by place and by time

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