Tuesday, November 01, 2011

SCVAL Results at the Crystal Springs Course (CCS)


Anonymous said...

Sarah Robinson... holy cow, what a run!

But why did Steven Sum run Frosh-Soph? He would have been 3rd in Varsity and had a shot at State as an individual. Not only that their team was ranked 4th in D3 and also had a shot at State. Now they don't advance. Anyone know why they all ran frosh-soph?

Albert Caruana said...

Great run for Sarah Robinson. That is certainly VERY impressive for a solo effort in the last two miles.

As for Steven Sum, it's possible that Saratoga is the only Division III school in their league and would automatically advance to CCS. I am assuming that the faster runners would then compete at CCS for Saratoga. Can anybody in the know confirm this?

Matt Tompkins said...

Correct Albert, Saratoga is the only D.III team in the DAL league.

Sarah had a very even paced race. 5:46 first mile, 5:44 2nd mile. She split 11:30 for two miles.

A Homestead alumnus said...

It will be interesting to see how Homestead performs. Boys varsity and girls varsity got 3rd and 1st as a team, respectively. This is the highest they've gotten in a long time. Unfortunately, I don't think either team has a shot at qualifying as a team to the state meet since only top 2 go in div. 1. The boys side has Bellarmine and Carlmont, and the girls side has Gunn, Carlmont, and San Benito as well as some other great teams. Maybe a miracle will happen haha.

Overall, CCS is gonna be an exciting day for everyone, and I wish the best of luck to all the teams.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Aubrey Myjer back in cross country this year for Mountain View. During the 2009 CCS race at Crystal, he finished in 10th place and was the fastest sophomore in the division 2 race. Then his junior year (last year) he mysteriously didn't come out for cross country. Does anybody know why? I speculate he was injured, but I could be wrong. It's great to see him back though and representing Mountain View. I think he and Kevin Staatz will definitely finish in the top 10 at CCS next Saturday. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Sarah Robinson.... wow.... has the potential to place high at the state meet, and CCS has yet another great runner to join Anna Maxwell, Nikki Hiltz, etc. This group of top runners reminds me of ~2003-2004 with Melissa Grelli, Alicia Follmar, Tori Tyler, and others.

This will certainly make CCS D1 very competitive for the ladies. I see Carlmont, San Benito, Gunn, Monta Vista, Homestead, and Palo Alto (last 4 all SCVAL teams!) all having a battle for those top 2 spots.

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