Thursday, April 07, 2016

Who is going down to the Arcadia Invitational this weekend?

If you are a Northern California athlete and heading down to the Arcadia Invitational this weekend, let us know that you are attending and what event(s) you are planning to compete. If you are on a relay team, let us know as well. 

Finally, what event are you most looking forward to seeing this weekend? Doing anything else besides competing in the meet? Is this your first Arcadia Invitational and if not, how many have you attended? You don't have to tell us who you are and feel free to share your goal for this weekend if you like.


Courtney said...

Here is the Arcadia team from Monte Vista High School (Danville):
--Kyndra Cervantes, Cheyenne Friesen, Heidi Fuhriman, Brittany Williams. #221 Women 1600 Sprint Medley Seeded. Friday 7:05pm.
--Daniel Maneloveg. Event #228, 3200m open. Friday 8:51pm.
--Daniel Maneloveg, Tristan Miller, Elijah Sheppard, Nick Vomund. Event #119, Distance Medley Open. Saturday at 2:50pm.
--Kyndra Cervantes, Audrey Coney, Maddie Coney, Heidi Fuhriman. Event #27, Distance Medley Invitational at 7:33pm Saturday.
--Tim Chrisman. Event #28, 3200m rated. Saturday 7:49pm.
--Brooke Starn. Event #34, 3200m Invitational at 8:35pm Saturday.
--Meredith Corda. Event #34, 3200m Invitational at 8:35pm Saturday.
--Matt Johnson, Lauren Cervantes. Alternates.

Albert Caruana said...

Best of luck to the Monte Vista crew.

Anonymous said...

Always a big fan of the distance races, the boy's 3,200 is stacked! The girl's should be interesting as well, Fiona O'Keeffe has been keeping a pretty low profile, but would be great to see her back at her best. Noticed that Destiny Collins wasn't listed? Seems like the most elite athletes (Collins, O'Keeffe, Rocha, etc.) are running less races this track season. All 3 have committed to big programs, so wondering if that has anything to do with it or if they are taking a conservative approach with cross country injuries? I would also pay to see Michael Norman run anything, what an amazing talent.

Albert Caruana said...

I know Destiny Collins is focusing her efforts on the relays at the Arcadia Invitational which is why she is not in the invitational 3200m. O'Keeffe is coming off an injured cross country season so that would explain her early conservative approach to this track season. Rocha has been doing his own thing this season including an open 5k. I am curious to what he will run this weekend as he was the best CA XC runner in the fall.

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