Sunday, April 10, 2016

Arcadia Invitational NorCal Day #2 highlights

Sofia Castiglioni Davis-SJS 4:59.88 mile
Kendall Derry Bella Vista-SJS 5:00.80

Robert Miranda Menlo-CCS 4:23.25 mile run rising stars

Milayla Revera Santa Catalina-CCS 12.15 100 meters

David Phair College Park-NCS 1:55.77 800 meters
Christian Gonzales Miramonte-NCS 1:55.81 800 meters

Ariane Arndt St. Francis SJS 2:10.46 800 meters
Mari Friedman Santa Cruz-CCS 2:10.92 800 meters

Mikayla Revera Santa Catalina-CCS 56.23 800 meters

Vacaville-SJS 12:30.25 Distance Medley Relay
Santa Rosa-NCS 12:30.67 Distance Medley Relay
St. Francis-CCS 12:32.54 Distance Medley Relay

Jade Harrison Cupertino-CCS 24.67 200 meters
Destiny Mitchell Newark Memorial-NCS 24.72 200 meters

James Logan-NCS 10:29.19 Distance Medley Relay
Merced-SJS 10:31.29 Distance Medley Relay
San Ramon Valley-NCS 10:34.96 Distance Medley Relay

Nathan Esparza Amador Valley-NCS 179'5" Discus

Tierra Crockrell Calabasas-SJS 37'4.5" Triple Jump

Hannah Hall James Logan-NCS 136'8" Discus

Whitney-SJS 42.62 400 relay

Newark Memorial-CCS 47.14 400 relay

Bishop O'Dowd-NCS 47.75 400 relay

Olivia O'Keeffe Davis-SJS 4:57.54

Kent Slaney Palo Alto-CCS 4:20.36 Mile
Justin Robinson Lynbrook-CCS 4:20.84 Mile

Jurnee Woodward Vacaville-SJS 13.87 100 meter Hurdles
Kaylah Robinson El Cerrito-NCS 14.14 100 meter Hurdles
KaRa Awakoaiye Bishop O'Dowd-NCS 14.19 100 meter Hurdles

Willie Hall Davis-SJS 1:51.59 800 Meters
Ben Micallef Bellarmine-CCS 1:53.01 800 Meters
Daniel Ambriz Merced-SJS 1:55.45 800 Meters

Alyssa Brewer California-NCS 55.39 400 Meters

Jonathan Harvey De La Salle-NCS 37.35 300 Meter Hurdles

Hannah Davis Vacaville-SJS 44.46 300 Meter Hurdles
Maya Miklos Gunn-CCS 43.78 300 Meter Hurdles
Jurnee Woodward Vacaville-SJS 41.29 300 Meter Hurdles

Miramonte 12:05.77 Distance Medley Relay
Monte Vista 12:08.79 Distance Medley Relay
Bella Vista 12:10.09 Distance Medley Relay

Brian Schulz El Molino-NCS 9:12.92 3200 Meters
Nick Downs Bishop O'Dowd-NCS 9:13.87 3200 Meters
Tim Chrisman Monte Vista-NCS 9:16.93 3200 Meters
David Frisbie JFK Fremont-NCS9:16.53 3200 Meters
Ian Hutchinson Newark Memorial-NCS 9:17.55 3200 Meters
Alex Glavin College Prep-NCS 9:20.94 3200 Meters
Sean Kurdy Jesuit-SJS 9:11.38 3200 Meters
Salem Bouhassoun Mission-SF 9:13.78

Tierra Crockrell Calabasas-SJS 24.60 200 Meters

Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy-NCS 10:13.20 3200 Meters
Fiona O'Keeffe Davis-SJS 10:17.74 3200 Meters
Brooke Starn Monte Vista-NCS 10:19.97 3200 Meters
Morgin Coonfield McKinleyville 10:20.58 3200 Meters
Megan McCandless Granada-NCS 10:24.59 3200 Meters
Kristen Leung Lowell-SF 10:28.48 3200 Meters

Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame-NCS 8:54.14 3200 Meters
Luis Grijalva Armijo-SJS 9:00.02 3200 Meters
Michael Vernau Davis-SJS 9:03.45 3200 Meters

Davis-SJS 10:21.69 Distance Medley Relay
Bellarmine-CCS 10:25.69 Distance Medley Relay

St. Francis-SJS 3:54.34 4 x 400 Meter Relay
Los Gatos-CCS 3:54.42 4 x 400 Meter Relay
Vacaville-SJS 3:49.91 4 x 400 Meter Relay
St. Mary's Berkeley-NCS 3:51.55 4 x 400 Meter Relay
Carondelet-NCS 3:53.47 4 x 400 Meter Relay

De La Salle-NCS 3:17.71 4 x 400 Meter Relay

Elena Bruckner Valley Christian SJ-CCS 166'3" Discus
Pamela Amaechi Lincoln-SF 150'8" Discus
Hannah Hall James Logan-NCS 147'5" Discus

Nathan Esparza Amador Valley-NCS 65'1.25" Shot Put

Isaiah Holmes Oakmont-SJS 22'6.75" Long Jump

Kali Hatcher St. Mary's Berkeley-NCS 37'0" Triple Jump

Darius Carbin Mt. Pleasant-CCS 6'11" High Jump

Elena Bruckner Valley Christian SJ-CCS 51'0.75" Shot Put
Jasmine Pharms Stagg-SJS 45'11" Shot Put
Pamela Amaechi Lincoln-SF 44'11" Shot Put

More to come...


Anonymous said...

I said it before the meet and it's clear now, Rylee Bowen is throwing down some amazing races this season, but her tactical win at Arcadia is taking it to another level. Her name didn't even get mentioned until there was two laps to go and she was the only one able to bridge the gap to the leader and take off from there. Big race skills from the sophomore.

I know this is a position that probably most won't agree with, but how many runners is too much in the boy's invitational 3,200? it's getting to a point where it seems like the only person who benefits from these giant fields of runners separated by only 10-20 seconds over 3,200m is the Arcadia meet itself so they can say how many runners got under 9:00. At least one runner fell, I talked to two who were spiked several times and judging by the same sort of situation I saw at the Dublin Distance Fiesta, officials are not going to disqualify a runner unless they tackle another. Big time races are physical affairs, as a former 800 runner, I have taken my fair share of elbows and have had to "create my own space," but in my opinion we are reaching a tipping point where things are going to need to change for the benefit of the athletes, not the meets or the Race Directors.

Anonymous said...

Bella Vista girls DMR 12:10.09

Albert Caruana said...

Not there yet.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally re the number of runners in the Arcadia 3200m. Not safe or fair. Very congested and dangerous and runners caught at the back and wide at the beginning were very disadvantaged for the entire race. In the Boys 3200 Invitational, 2 runners took hard falls - Garrett Reynolds from Ventura and Michael Vernau from Davis, There were also a lot of spiking injuries.

Anonymous said...

I also was impressed with the race that Rylee Bowen ran. The time was impressive, but the patience and restraint she showed to run her own race and not try to stay up front with the early leaders was downright awesome. Especially considering she's a sophomore -- wise beyond her years. I think her 1600 meter splits were 5:09 and 5:04? Great job!

Anonymous said...

Here is simple look at how Rylee won the 3200. She is the tall long haired blonde in the green top.

Anonymous said...

How come SMB's fastest 4X400 is not listed, when Carondelet is included when they were in the same race. Pathetic.

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for nicely pointing out I missed the St. Mary's Berkeley girls 4 x 400 relay. They have been added.

Anonymous said...

Nice screenshots of Rylee's race.

Anonymous said...

In regards to comment @ 10:03, I wonder if he or she thinks this is Albert only job to update this blog ever second of the day.

Anonymous said...

There are obviously some real sensitive people out there and in some areas I get it, but out of all the sites out there, Albert does an amazing job of getting a ton of information out without the bias I sometimes see on other sites. He asked for performances that he might have missed and updated to include any that were submitted to him. Cut the guy some slack and be thankful for the coverage he provides for our Northern California athletes.

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