Sunday, April 10, 2016

Quicksilver Classic Results

Quicksilver Classic Results LINK (at Leland HS)


Anonymous said... is extremely unreliable for posting accurate results in a timely manner. Why do some results from this meet show up for the CCS rankings, and others don't. If you pay, do you then get accurate results? Very frustrating.

Albert Caruana said...

Results will only be uploaded on sites like and milesplit when they are turned in or uploaded. I am biased since I help out with milesplit but from my experience, there are more results uploaded on that site.

hank said... will load ALL events that are submitted BUT if you're a Site Supporter (pay $50 a season) they get loaded first (within 60 minutes I have found) and if you're not a SS it can take 2 or more weeks (not good if you're trying to get a mark verified). So if you're a MD and use for your entries then I support you paying the $50 (heck, Direct Athletics charges over $100 per meet to use their registration). I've never even looked at the MileSplit lists - Albert, what's the link for MS CCS Top marks?


Pierre Chan said...

I've been using for record keeping for my team. I don't think paying has anything to do with it. Sometimes you have to wait for the results to be marked "official." I uploaded the results for don bell the night of the meet but they were not marked "official" until today. I'm thinking you get quicker approval if you were the host of the meet. If you are curious you can always filter the rankings by toggling unofficial, FAT, etc. The WBAL League meet we had today was uploaded and marked official within 2 hours of the end of the meet.

Albert Caruana said...

Albert Caruana said...

Hank said...

In order to see anything except the leader on MileSplit you have to subscribe, is free.


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