Monday, April 25, 2016

Elena Bruckner's 186'10" discus throw from last Friday's CCS Top 8 Meet

The top 5 furthest throws in US history are the following:
1) Shelbi Vaughan Legacy HS (Tx) 198'9" 2012
2) Anna Jelmini Shafter HS (Ca) 190'3" 2009
3) Suzy Powell Downey HS (Ca) 188'4" 1994
4) Elena Bruckner Valley Christian SJ (Ca) 186'10" 2016
5) Seilala Sua St Aquinas (Fl) 186'3" 1996


Anonymous said...

We are all distance people here Albert. We only understand 800, 1600 and 3200 times.

Albert Caruana said...

Real recognize real.

Hank said...

As I understand it, her mark was just 2" shy of the Olympic Trials qualifying standard.


Albert Caruana said...

I heard the same at the meet. She has been much more consistent as far as big throws in the discus and I am sure she will have plenty of opportunities to reach that mark sometime this season.

Anonymous said...

That's was Frickin awesome!!
I'm going to watch her live next time.

Anonymous said...

For those distance only people it is equivalent to a 3:57.83 for the MILE (not 1600)
Not bad.

Albert Caruana said...

I use the Mercier tables quite a bit and that is a correct conversion for her discus mark. Considering that is about the same time that Drew Hunter has run in the mile, I would think that even the true blue distance fans can appreciate what a fantastic mark that is in the discus.

Nils said...

And she made that throw look so casual! Wow!

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