Friday, April 22, 2016

Central Coast Section Full Results

If you haven't heard already, Elena Bruckner threw the discus 186'10" which is the 4th longest throw in US history. 

Who else impressed you? Surprises? 


Murr said...

Lots of great stuff last night. I think we can all agree that the future of distance in the CCS is bright. The FS 1600 and 3200 races were very impressive. The freshmen ran 4 of the top 8 CA times in the 3200 yesterday.

Coach Tim said...

Roman Munoz of King City, winning the 1600 out of the slow heat. That's tough!

On the same note, Kirk Baril of Mills, 4th in both the 100 and 200 out of the 2nd heat.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where to find the CCS at-large marks?

Anonymous said...

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