Saturday, April 23, 2016

Northern California Invitational Results

High School
Central Coast Section (CCS) Top 8 Meet Results LINK
Northern California F/S Championship (NCS) Results LINK
Glenn Poole Invitational (SJS) Results LINK
Bret Harte Invitational (SJS) Results LINK
Viking Classic Invitational (NCS) Results BOYS LINK/GIRLS LINK (NEW)
St. Francis Invitational (CCS) Results LINK (NEW)
Halden Invitational (SJS) Results LINK (NEW)

West Valley Invitational (NO) Results LINK
Fred Faucett Invitational (SJS) Results LINK

Stanford Twilight Results LINK
Cal's Brutus Hamilton Challenge and Invitational Results LINK


Anonymous said...

Fiona O'Keeffe Davis Senior High School (SJ) 16:28.35

Why would Fiona represent her HS at a non sectioned event? That could end her season... And for a college meet? Seems odd.

Anonymous said...

It should end her season, she doesn't care, Stanford was there too, her future school. Will it end her season, no. If it was anyone else, yes.

Anonymous said...

Why would it end her season if she made the decision to run unnatached. Phillip Rocha and Austin tamagno have done the same thing this year. As long as they don't wear a Hs uniform or represent their school it's their choice to run.

Albert Caruana said...

Results list her as unattached. High school season continues.

Anonymous said...

link to st. francis results

Anonymous said...

Viking Classic results available at

Anonymous said...

There are an insane amount of mistakes in the Viking results. Really unfortunate for a meet that big. There are tons of people recorded as people they are not and times they did not run

David Bayliss said...

First, congratulations to Fiona on another great accomplishment. Her 5K time is fantastic! Regarding her eligibility, the 2015-2016 CIF Constitution and Bylaws allow for unattached competition. Specifically, Article 60: Outside Competition, Series 600: Competition on an Outside Team, Paragraph G(2) states:

"Unattached competition is permissible for a student in other than school contests during the season of sport provided the student enters in the individual sports of badminton (singles and doubles), cross country, golf, gymnastics, skiing, swimming and diving (including unattached entry on relays), tennis (singles and doubles), track and field (including unattached entry on relays) and wrestling."

Great job again Fiona and Coach Bill Gregg on finding appropriate races for her to compete at to realize her potential.

Unknown said...

Congrats to Fiona

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