Monday, May 26, 2014

Top NorCal marks from this past weekend

Boys 400m. Relay-Woodcreek HS SJS 40.93
Boys 1600m.-Tyler Olson Livermore HS NCS (12) 4:07.99
Boys 110m. Hurdles-Marquis Morris De La Salle HS NCS (12) 14.29
Boys 400m.-Cameron Stone Sheldon SJS (11) 46.99
Boys 100m.-Nate Jones Tracy HS SJS (11) 10.74
Boys 800m.-Arturo Sotomayer Roseville HS SJS (11) 1:52.08
Boys 300m. Hurdles-Austin Carter Folsom HS SJS (12) 37.14
Boys 200m.-Kyle Orloff Serra HS CCS (12) 21.64
Boys 3200m.-Fred Huxham Redwood HS NCS (12) 9:11.46
Boys 1600m. Relay-Sheldon HS SJS 3:15.68
Boys Long Jump-Nate Moore Castro Valley HS NCS (12) 24'8"
Boys Triple Jump-Karsten Wethington James Logan HS NCS (12) 49'4.5"
Boys High Jump-David Chukwu American HS NCS (12) 6'7"/Kyle Clancy Davis HS SJS (12) 6'7"
Boys Shot Put-Afolabi Olabode Central Valley HS SJS (12) 58'3.25"
Boys Discus-Darrin Paulo Grant HS SJS (11) 170'7"
Boys Pole Vault-August Kiles Tamalpais HS NCS (12) 15'10"

Girls 400m. Relay-Los Gatos HS CCS 47.36
Girls 1600m.-Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley HS CCS (12) 4:53.41
Girls 110m. Hurdles-Reonna Collier Piedmont Hills HS CCS (9) 13.77
Girls 400m.-Maddy Price Menlo School CCS (12) 55.34
Girls 100m.-Reonna Collier Piedmont Hills HS CCS (9) 11.82
Girls 800m.-Sarah Robinson Gunn HS CCS (12) 2:09.72
Girls 300m. Hurdles-Reonna Collier Piedmont Hills HS CCS (9) 42.67
Girls 200m.-Maddy Price Menlo School CCS (12) 23.98
Girls 3200m.-Fiona O'Keeffe Davis HS SJS (10) 10:39.11
Girls 1600m. Relay-Vacaville HS SJS 3:46.92
Girls Long Jump-Marisa Kwiatkowski Wilcox HS CCS (12) 19'1.5"
Girls Triple Jump-Marisa Kwiatkowski Wilcox HS CCS (12) 39'3.25"
Girls High Jump-Kirsten Mork Granada HS NCS (12) 5'8"
Girls Shot Put-Megan Dulaney Rodriguez HS SJS (11) 45'10.5"
Girls Discus-Ronna Stone Valley Christian SJ HS CCS (11) 136'8"
Girls Pole Vault-Melissa Maneatis Del Oro HS SJS (11) 12'0"

If you are interested in the overall top marks in California, go to this link.


Steve Palladino said...

Fred Huxam 9:11.46

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

Out of the loop and wondering if Trevor Reinhart XC national runner did track this year?

Albert Caruana said...

He did run track although injured through much of the season. He won his league's 1600m. race but chose not to advance to next round

Anonymous said...

Thanks Abert, to bad do you know if he is going to continue his running in college?

Albert Caruana said...

He's a junior

Anonymous said...

Just wondering where Tyler Olson and his twin Todd are going to school are going to college. These guys have been under the radar for the past year.

Anonymous said...

CCS Distance Predictions

1600 Maxwell
(Defending State Champ; Robinson might surprise her if she's not 100%)

800 Maxwell
(She runs 2:09 after doubling and sick. She is a lock)

3200 Jacobs
(Jacobs wins fresh to a Robinson who as tripled 4 weeks in a row AND taken to the brink by Maxwell in two prior events previously that evening that are separated only 1+ hours apart)

1600 Walsh
(Best finishing speed of the bunch)

800 McLarnan
(Toughest race to pick and is a toss up. But this kid is nails though will need to deliver in a race where anything goes)

3200 Sum
(The bridesmaid becomes the bride. Sum did the sensible thing and dropped all his other events. Running fresh he is the man to beat)

Albert Caruana said...

We will have our annual CCS prediction contest on this site. I will post the instructions later today.

Interesting picks but I can't say that I agree with all of them. Fortunately, the athletes themselves will determine the winners and state meet qualifiers.

Any other predictions for the distance races at CCS this Friday?

Anonymous said...

Albert are you or anyone else going to do a CCS or NCS preview for the fans :-)

Anonymous said...

What really sucks are officials who cannot discern between a fast start and a false start. Had a girl DQ'd for "false" start. She gets out of the blocks faster than anyone I've seen and naturally comes out head and shoulders ahead of others. Video clearly shows no false start, zero movement. Damn official could not see the distinction. Kid worked hard all season, top seed, senior, only to have an idiot make a wrong call. Well, that's my rant of the week.

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