Friday, May 30, 2014

NorCal Section Action

SJS Masters Meet Trials Results

SJS Masters Meet Finals Live Results (Today)
Same link as above

CCS Finals (Today) (Meet Program)

NCS Meet of Champions Trials (Today) (Live feed) (Live Results)

Northern Section Final (Today) (Meet Info)

San Francisco Section (Saturday) (Meet Entries)

Oakland Section
Skyline's Smith-Barnett shines at Oakland Section track and field championships


Anonymous said...

I guess the ncs live feed so no longer free...right?

Courtney said...

It's $7.99 to get the one month subscription to MileSplit Insider in order to get the live feeds from the meets they cover. (Or $48 for a year).

Anonymous said...

MileSplit is not cool.

Anonymous said...

I will not pay for milesplit, flotrack, or anything like that which should be free.

Anonymous said...

Why should milesplit, flotrack or other services not charge for the service and content they provide? No one is entitled to see a meet for free via a web cast. Don't get me wrong, I love it when they are free, but there's nothing in the universe that says that they should be free.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you sign up for. I signed up on Flocast to watch one race, expecting I would have to pay $19.99 for the month.
They were charging me $19.99 every month. It took me 4 more months to resolve it.
In the end it coat me $100 to watch one high school cross country meet.
I'll never sign up for any of this rip-off stuff again.

Anonymous said...

will milesplit be doing state meet too or SS master meet? If so maybe worth paying $7.99. Save on gas too.

Albert Caruana said...

Not being able to unsubscribe from a monthly subscription on a website is a glitch and you should be reimbursed for that.

As for companies that provide you a service, why do you feel that service should be free? You are certainly welcome not to pay (well within your right). However keep in mind that to show a meet on a live feed or shown later on a particular site costs money in terms of time, travel, lodging etc.

Anonymous said...

Is the NCS live results feed working?

Albert Caruana said...

The live feed is working on milesplit but the results are not being updated for some reason.

Anonymous said...

If you are a serious track fan, then the monthly fee is fine. If you want to watch one meet, and more likely, one race, the fee needed to sign up for a monthly service, and then go through the arduous process of un-signing up, is absurd. This is especially true, if you want to watch one race with the hope of seeing your grandchild who is running in the 7th spot, and is in fact in the video for 3 seconds in the entire race, which you find out about after having paid the monthly fee.

No thanks....

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