Monday, September 10, 2012

Your individual and team goals for this cross country season

Please share below in the comment section.  You may use your name or not.  What do you want to accomplish this year?  What have you done this summer to accomplish those goals?  Are you a coach?  What are your goals for your team this year?

Best of luck to everybody on a successful season!


Marty Beene said...

OK, I'll go first. I primarily coach the newest runners on the team, so my goal is the same as it always is: to guide the runners to develop a lifelong passion for competitive running, regardless of current ability. I know our more advanced runners want to make it to the State Meet this year, so to the extent I can help them achieve that goal, I want to do that, as well.

I also run, so my running goal for this season is to get back under 20:00 at Crystal for the first time since 2003. I clocked a 21:17 there yesterday (50+ PR!) running by myself and having missed 3 weeks of running at the end of July/early August, so I think I have a shot by the time November rolls around....

Anonymous said...

My name is Noah Taxis, and I am the co-captain of the Ukiah High Cross Country Team.

Last year, we suffered injuries in the post-season, leaving us without our number 3 runner at NBL's. We lacked depth, and so it cost us dearly.

This year, though, we are prime for Ukiah's best season in a long time.
Obviously, we have Paul Holden as our number one, myself at number two, and our three current juniors: Chance Girard, Beau Brown and Cesario Ruiz. They have all improved dramatically, and will give us some much needed depth. Based on an early season time trial, I am confident that we will have our top five under 17 at Spring Lake this year.

Lastly, we were ranked at NCS as number 5. I believe, without exaggeration, that we will be top 3. My coach says the same. Only time will tell, but Ukiah should be on the radar this year.

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you both for chiming in.

Anybody else? What do you want to accomplish this year?

Anonymous said...

A little late response but... it's been my dream to win CCS since freshman year. It's a possibility. And I would love it if my team made it to state. We have a shot at that this year too.

Anonymous said...

15:30 at Mt Sac, 15:45 at Granite Regional, State

Anonymous said...

Stay healthy and help my team win at State. Also have fun.

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