Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stanford Invitational

High School Entries:
Live Results:
5k course map:

State Ranked teams racing at the Stanford golf course this Saturday:
Division I Boys
(1) Arcadia (SS)
(6) De La Salle (NCS)
(8) Bellarmine (CCS)
(10) Torrey Pines (SDS)

Division II Boys
(4) Mt. Carmel (SDS)
(6) Arroyo Grande (SS)
(9) Bella Vista (SJS)

Division III Boys
(4) Cathedral (SS)
(5) Placer (SJS)
(6) Campolindo (NCS)
(7) Miramonte (NCS)
(9) Acalanes (NCS
(10) Redwood (NCS)

Division IV Boys
(1) Fillmore (SS)
(2) Piner (NCS)
(3) Salesian (SS)
(6) Sir Francis Drake (NCS)
(7) Seaside (CCS)
(10) Half Moon Bay (CCS)

Division V Boys
(2) St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS)
(3) Flintridge Prep (SS)
(9) Marin Academy (NCS)
(10) Athenian (NCS)

Division I Girls
(2) St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS)
(5) Davis (SJS)

Division II Girls
(6) Mira Costa (SS)
(7) Rancho Bernardo (SDS)
(8) Foothill (SS)
(10) Bella Vista (SJS)

Division III Girls
(1) Vista del Lago (SJS)
(5) Acalanes (NCS)
(7) Redwood (NCS)
(9) San Luis Obispo (SS)

Division IV Girls
(3) Arcata (NCS)
(4) Mayfield (SS)
(5) Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks (SS)
(9) La Reina (SS)
(10) Scotts Valley (CCS)

Division V Girls
(3) Branson (NCS)
(4) College Prep (NCS)
(8) Lick Wilmerding (NCS)

Newspaper article links:
De La Salle High cross country team off to impressive start (NCS)
M-A's Baier carries high hopes into Stanford meet (CCS)

Any other articles pertaining to the Stanford Invite?  What is going to be the best race?  Who is going to be the fastest boy from NorCal?  Fastest girl?  Fastest teams (boys and girls)?


Anonymous said...

When will it be announced who will be running in the SEEDED races? I know coaches can ask to be placed in the race when entering the meet, but when do they find out if they made the cut?

Anonymous said...

It looks like some races have way too many teams in them. Thirty teams should be the max. Most of the schools listed are using full teams.

Anonymous said...

Julia Maxwell, John Lawson

Anonymous said...

I think Rich from Prepcaltrack was mistaken when he listed all the head to head team matchups by division. Many of the faster teams will all race head to head in the seeded race.

Albert Caruana said...

Correct in that some of the teams will be in seeded races. I will try to find out who is going to race in the seeded races and post them ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the coaches who put their teams in the seeded race post it here?

Anonymous said...

I wish Stanford had some sort of time qualifier to let people into the seeded races, instead of letting teams into the race with one fast guy and slow (relatively slow) #2, or 3-7. That way, there would be more room to let people in that would be realistically in the top 10 or actually really race, but can't get in because the race is full. :(

Albert Caruana said...

A very valid point. Perhaps more detailed instructions on how you qualify to run in the seeded races are in order?

pmccrystle said...

I believe any team can enter the Seeded race, if the coach enters them in that race when they originally sign them up. Bellarmine will be in the Seeded race because we entered it on EZMEETS. We'll also have a team in the DI race. I know there are other teams that have entered two races, like Arcadia. Hopefully, it won't be too hot!

Anonymous said...

Box Assignments posted..see what schools are running where...

Anonymous said...

If I'm reading this correctly, I'm surprised to see neither Bellermine or San Ramon in the seeded race.

Anonymous said...

correction: Looks like Bellermine is in both seeded and d1

Anonymous said...

huh? Vista Del Lago girls choose to run in D3 race and not seeded? Nice rematch between Bella Vista and Davis. (O'Keefe vs Derry) BV beat Davis by 1 point in early season matchup. Davis made some adjustments since. BV seems to be running faster now as well. St. Francis, Rancho Bernardo, Foothill, Branson, Mira Costa.

I predict St. Francis and Rancho Bernardo go neck and neck the entire race. What a race this will be. St. Francis will win by 5 or less..

Anonymous said...

Davis hung with st Francis pretty well last week so they might be in the mix as well.

The other coach Chan (MHSB) said...

Does anyone know why Scotts Valley ran in the DIII race instead of DIV?

Albert Caruana said...

I am not sure. Some teams ran in other divisions because their own divisions were full already so they had to option up.

Anonymous said...

Being from San Diego I was hoping La Costa Canyon would also be there. Rancho Bernardo performed well. However, coach Dockery chose not to take one of his solid top 5 girls and that bit him in the backside. With a couple of the other girls not running their best, this would have improved their numbers by as much as 40 seconds and possibly 20 or 30 pts or so. Instead he took a senior who finished way back. Bummer for the girls.

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