Friday, September 28, 2012

NorCal Rankings, 1st Edition, September 19th, 2012

Just as a reminder before the Stanford Invitational tomorrow.  How will they stack up against each other on the same course.  I do understand that some races may have better conditions than others.

Please feel free to comment on the rankings below.  Keep up mind that the season is early and many teams have not fielded their "A" team yet.  What teams that should be considered and added to the lists below?  Who should move up?  Who should move down?  Who should move out?  Feel free to chime in the comment section below.

1)  De La Salle NCS Division I 
2)  Bellarmine CCS Division I
3)  San Ramon Valley NCS Division I
4)  Bella Vista SJS Division II
5)  Carlmont CCS Division I
6)  Maria Carrillo NCS Division II
7)  Miramonte NCS Division III
8)  Campolindo NCS Division III
9)  Del Campo SJS Division II
10)  Woodcreek SJS Division I

Honorable Mention (15 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
Alameda NCS Division II 
Amador Valley
 NCS Division I

Bishop O'Dowd NCS Division III
Davis SJS Division I
Leland CCS Division II
Lincoln (Stockton) SJS Division I
Los Altos CCS Division II
Oak Ridge SJS Division I
Piner NCS Division IV
Placer SJS Division III
Redwood NCS Division III
St. Francis, Mt. View CCS Division II
St. Ignatius CCS Division III
St. Joseph NCS Division V
Will C. Wood SJS Division III

1)  St. Francis, Sacramento SJS Division I
2)  Davis SJS Division I
3)  Vista del Lago SJS Division III
4)  Bella Vista SJS Division II
5)  San Lorenzo Valley CCS Division IV
6)  Granada NCS Division I
7)  Las Lomas NCS Division III
8)  Archbishop Mitty CCS Division II
9)  Maria Carrillo NCS Division II
10)  Branson NCS Division V

Honorable Mention (15 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
Amador Valley NCS Division I  
 CCS Division III

Arcata NCS Division IV
Del Oro SJS Division III
Miramonte NCS Division III
Monta Vista CCS Division I
Monte Vista NCS Division I 
Oak Ridge SJS Division I
Presentation CCS Division II
Redwood NCS Division III
Sacred Heart Cathedral CCS Division III
San Benito, Hollister CCS Division I 
San Ramon Valley NCS Division I
St. Ignatius CCS Division III
Woodcreek SJS Division I

Again, comments are welcome. I want to make the above lists as accurate as possible before we head into the league competition and the Stanford Invitational.


the most interesting man in the world said...

a little confused as to why campo is ranked ahead of bod and sjnd when campo was beaten by both schools @ ed sias...

Albert Caruana said...

Anonymous said...

Monta Vista ( is CCS.

Anonymous said...

Bella Vista beat Davis head to head at Lagoon Valley and Davis had O'Keefe, Meads and Teaford running. It was close but BV got the win.

Albert Caruana said...

Teams 2-4 appear to be very close right now. The rankings will be updated after the Stanford Invitational where all 3 teams will run on the same course.

Ruben DiRado, Maria Carrillo Assistant Coach said...

Thanks for your efforts to pull this together!

At this point, I am aware of at least three boys teams that I would rank ahead of us - 1) Miramonte based on their strong 2nd at DLS, 2) Acalanes (also based on DLS) and 3) Piner (has shown very good #1-3, solid #4-5)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Vista Del Lago, Bella Vista and Davis "girls" are close and time will sort them out. Will probably have more to do with their 3-5 runners than their top 1 or 2 runners as to how they develop over the rest of the season

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for chiming in. If you check out yesterday's DFAL meet, Campolindo defeated both Miramonte and Acalanes yesterday. All three teams were missing a key runner so we'll see what each team can do when they are all at full strength.

I think we will have a better idea following the Stanford Invitational.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Campolindo, Acalanes, and Miramonte, the past DFAL meet wasn't a great representation. All of them were missing major runners. The main thing to take from the meet is Campo's depth. Stanford won't show their full strength either, as Aidan Goltra can't run until October.

Anonymous said...

The yolo county championships meet on saturday has St Francis, Davis, Bella Vista, and woodcreek facing off and theirs stanford so it should be clearer soon

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you all for all the comments. So many on the point facts. I will be the first to admit that the rankings are not perfect but things will start to fall into place as we head toward October.

Are there any teams that are missing?

Anonymous said...

Bella Vista is not taking their varsity teams to Yolo County Championships...

Anonymous said...

Casa Grande Girls seem to be doing well, but we will know more after stanford

alamedamom said...

SJND came in behind De La Salle by one second in team time at Ed Sias, 54:28 vs 54:29, but De La Salle is #1 and SJND is Honorable Mention? Hmm.

Albert Caruana said...

De La Salle was missing their #1 runner at Ed Sias.

Nils said...

SJND's #1 runner was not running up to par at Ed Sias, either (although #1 SJND finisher did Great!). So we shall see as the season progresses; cumulative results will show consistency of performance and less one-time ups and downs.

Anonymous said...

Albert, Thanks for your efforts on this site. Makes for added interest in XC. Glad to see someone is willing to be a "pin cushion" with early season rankings. Jim Seven

Anonymous said...

You should wait until after Stanford because there are too many oversights you are making here.

Albert Caruana said...

Just version #1. What the oversights?

Anonymous said...

watch out for those lincoln guys..

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