Friday, September 21, 2012

Time Versus Distance For Pacing (and Training)


NCSfanboy said...

On the girls side i'm assuming Maxwell from Branson was pretty close to making this list.

NCSfanboy said...

whoops, one post down. you know what I meant.

Steve Palladino said...

The artcle linked to in the RW link
1) fails to use pace prescription in either test group
2) cannot validly draw any conculsion on the physiologic effecting of running for distance vs running for time (without pace prescription).

In the end, IMO, training should precribed by PACE (either specifically or approximately) for a specified time or distance (and, of course, in the case of intervals, frequency). Prescribing training by ONLY distance or ONLY time (as the test groups were) appears to me to miss the boat in terms of targetting specific training objectives (or, IOW, specific physiologic adaptations)

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