Saturday, September 15, 2012

Northern California Cross Country Results

De La Salle/Carondelet Nike Cross Country Invitational, Newhall Park (NCS) NEW
Lowell Invitational, Golden Gate Park, (SF) NEW
Chieftain Invitational, Toro Park (CCS) NEW
Robert Louis Stevenson XC Invitational, Stevenson School (CCS) NEW
Iolani Cross Country Invitational, Kualoa Ranch NEW
Viking Opener, Spring Lake County Park (NCS) NEW Fastest girls' time by a 7th grader
Jaguar Invitational, Eagal Lakes (SJS) NEW
Josh Ruff Memorial Trojan Invite, (SJS) NEW Results now posted.
Check out Results Posted Facebook page for more:
Woodbridge Invitational, Woodbridge HS (SS) Las Lomas and Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Earlier this week:
WACC Center Meet #1, Garin Park (NCS) NEW
Super Septo Results, Spring Lake Park (NCS) UPDATED
Ragle Ranch meet (NCS)
Capital Valley Conference Center Meet 1, Maidu Park (SJS)
Peninsula Athletic League Results, Half Moon Bay HS (CCS)

Also posted on, the first set of CCS Rankings:


Anonymous said...

SJS shocker as Bella Vista Frosh Kendall Derry beats Karlie Garcia by 7 seconds in CVC opener. Bella Vista puts 7 in top 9 to dominate it's first league meet. This team has tremendous upside with it's depth from 1 to 7.

Anonymous said...

Shhhhhh... don't tell anyone! haha

sss said...
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Anonymous said...

Can you post the link to the results for RLS Relays in R.L. Stevenson HS, Pebble Beach?

Albert Caruana said...

Will do once I get them. If anybody has them, email them to me at and I will post them.

Anonymous said...

Chieftan classic results??

Anonymous said...

Dear Chieftain Meet director,

Please put Varsity races first at 9 am when conditions are more ideal.

Why People host the top races at the hottest time of the day when temperatures are rising significantly is beyond me. If varsity races at 9 & 9:30 we will be there next year!

Anonymous said...

Even as a sophomore, I completely agree that Varsity races should be earlier. It is understandable that some races will be later in the day, but it makes more sense to put the varsity races earlier considering the higher level of competition.

Anonymous said...

I would say ideal varsity races are early but not too early. Gotta get some sleep especially if you're driving over an hour or so to get to the meet. 10oclock = perfect timing.
I don't think though that it is completely a bad thing to have varsity races later. At some point, everyone will have a pretty late section or state finals race so this just prepares them for it.

Steve Palladino said...

Wow- 7th grader Rylee Bowen is overall fastest fem at Viking Opener. A name for the future. More from her 2012 Track season here:

Anonymous said...

Go to bed early. No reason to run in 90 degree heat.

Varsity rides the bus with everyone else so its not like they're getting more sleep. Just flip flop varsity and JV so the fastest runners run the earliest time.

If time is a problem move CCS to Monterey or San Francisco. With global warming there is no reason to hold meets meets in the afternoon if you don't have to.

Anonymous said...

Is Lowell an awfully fast course? I was reading through and some of the times seem to match up to the runners, but other times seem incredibly quick compared to their other performances this year.

Albert Caruana said...

It's fairly flat and only 2.8 miles.

Marty Beene said...

I actually have always found Lowell to be kind of slow, with all of the grass, soft soil, etc. Also, it is advertised as 2.93 miles, not 2.8 (2.13 for the frosh-soph course). One possible reason for "fast" times is that runners may have been running their second or maybe even third race of the season, and there can be a big jump in performance from 1st to 2nd/3rd race.

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