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CCS Minutes from pre-season XC meeting

Thanks to St. Francis XC coach, Roberta Chisam:
August 29, 2012

Use of Crystal Springs
Please look over the crystal springs handbook that I sent you earlier this summer.  There is valuable information in it. It also has a heat index that is used by Bob Rush when there are meets on this site. On page 8 and 9 there is a combination of heat and humidity to consider. They have cancelled meets twice up there over the past couple of years.

In talking to other league reps, the Blossom Valley League does have a rule that if it is projected to be warmer than 95 degrees, they cancel a meet. They tend to compete at Montgomery Hill where it is very hot, dry, no shade or water available. They have postponed meets even after driving out there. They try to make the call by noon.

There is a video on the National Federation website on Heat illness and another on concussions. It is free and a good source for coaches to have background knowledge.

Change of meet date for Crystal Springs Center Meets- The Oct 25 th date has been changed to Oct 3rd.

CCS Meet
Steve Clayton , AD from Palma will be meet director of CCS at Toro
Results done by Mark McConnell
CCS= Saturday, November 10, 2012 at Toro Park

Rain out date, Tues, Nov 13th

CCS Meet Time Schedule
Div III  Boys 10:00 AM          Girls 10:35 AM
Div IV  Boys 11:10 AM          Girls 11:45AM
Div V   Boys 12:20 PM           Girls 12:55PM
Div I    Boys 1:30 PM             Girls 2:05PM
Div II   Boys 2:40 PM             Girls 3:15PM

1. Note to all parents and spectators that there will be a fee charged at the gate:
Adults $8.00, Students w/ ID and Seniors $3.00
2. Teams will be allowed 4 coaches per school not per division. Last year there were two teams in our league that tried to do 4 per division. If this happens again, those schools may lose participation in the meet. Talk to your AD and coaches and inform them of these changes.. There is no longer the gate list to have adults supervisors get in free.
3. There is a maximum of 8 athletes in uniform that can get in free. Vans with athletes will be allowed into the meet free.
4. Please do not park on Highway 68 at any time. In the past when XC Invitationals have taken place at Toro, there have been people trying to park on highway 68 instead of paying the parking fees.
5. Travel subsidies have been suspended as of last year.
6. Warm up and warm down areas are away from the start and finish area.
7. Awards will take place after each division is completed.
8. If you would like to pass out certificates of participation to your athletes, your AD will be able to get them online and they can put in the names, sport and years so it looks professional.
9. Steve Clayton will try and post results in more than one place other than the side of the single bathroom.
10. If your athletes are in the later races, you might want to pre-order t-shirts 5 days ahead of time. They tend to be sold out by the 4th race.

There was discussion about posting a top 25 all-time list at Toro similar to the one at Crystal. If interested, there is a list posted on the Tri-County Running Club website.

CIF Meet:
Saturday, Nov 24th, 2012 at Woodward Park, Fresno

Race times and handbook are not released at this time. It will be released after the September meeting. Look on CIF website after the first of October.

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