Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Report from Monte Vista Invitational...

As reported in the comment section below, the fastest times for the 2 mile course posted today:
Danny Stalters Northgate HS 10:37
Jena Pianin Amador Valley HS 12:14

From race director, Monte Vista coach Mike Davis, "Congrats to Jena Pianin of Amador Valley, who set a new girls meet record with her amazing 12:14 clocking today, taking nearly 9 seconds off the previous record!  On the boys side, both Danny Stalters of Northgate and Nolan Petersen of Washington broke the meet record, with Danny's 10:37 setting the new standard.  Wow."

For now, I will post the combined boys and girls results.  Individual races will be posted tomorrow:

Boys Combined Results
Girls Combines Results
Senior Boys Results
Senior Girls Results
Junior Boys Results
Junior Girls Results
Sophomore Boys Results
Sophomore Girls Results
Freshman Boys Results
Freshman Girls Results

Newspaper Article:  Cross country numbers way up in EBAL


NCSfanboy said...


Anonymous said...

Las Lomas girls:
Fr: 3 and 4
So: 4
Jr: 1,3,9,10 and 12
Sr: ?

Andrew said...

congrats indeed to Pianin and Stalters.

1) The frosh girls are incredibly stacked this year. Starn, McCandless, Hansel, Hight, O'Keefe from Davis, Annaka Green (was missing), Amador's surprise frosh (Leroudier), Acalanes getting another huge talented group...and I know there are more to come.

2) Glad Hartley is running well and healthy. Scares me how good Granada is with McCandless and Hartley up there now.

3)Ricks is running cross country...

Anonymous said...

Annaka Green is out for the season. She suffered and injury at the Junior Olympics this summer.

LoganXC said...

Just wait until NCS. Coach Randazzo guarantees we'll win NCS the first year just like her old team.

Coach Ozzie said...

To avoid speculation, I will confirm that Annaka Green will miss this cross country season. We are hoping for a speedy recovery from her so that she can start her high school career as soon as possible.

Also, I'd put a fair amount of money on the fact that a quick check of LoganXC's IP address coming up in Belmont rather than Union City.

ebal fan said...

hey does anyone know the exact distance for MV invite? is it 2.00 or 2.07? thanks

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