Monday, September 17, 2012

CIF-State Rankings (9/17/12)

Complete rankings posted at the following link (NorCal teams listed below):

Released September 17, 2012
By Rich Gonzalez
Editor, PrepCalTrack

7. De La Salle, Concord (NCS)
9. Bellarmine, San Jose (CCS)
10. Carlmont (CCS)

8. Bella Vista, Sacramento (SJS)
9. Del Campo, Fair Oaks (SJS)
10. Woodcreek, Roseville (SJS)

6. Miramonte, Orinda (NCS)
8. Acalanes, Lafayette (NCS)
9. Redwood, Larkspur (NCS)

2. Piner, Santa Rosa (NCS)
5. Seaside (CCS)
6. San Lorenzo Valley, Felton (CCS)
8. Sir Francis Drake, San Anselmo (NCS)

2. St. Joseph Notre Dame, Alameda (NCS)
5. San Francisco University, San Francisco (NCS)
6. Athenian, Danville (NCS)
10. Sonoma Academy, Santa Rosa (NCS)

2. St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS)
7. Davis (SJS)
10. Granada, Livermore (NCS)


1. Vista Del Lago, Folsom (SJS)
3. Acalanes, Lafayette (NCS)
5. Las Lomas, Walnut Creek (NCS)
7. Redwood, Larkspur (NCS)

1. San Lorenzo Valley, Felton (CCS)
6. Arcata (NCS)
10. Scotts Valley (CCS)

1. San Francisco University, San Francisco (NCS)
3. Branson, Ross (NCS)
5. College Prep, Oakland (NCS)
9. Lick-Wilmerding, San Francisco (NCS)

Who is missing?  Who should move up?  What NorCal team has the best shot of winning state?


Anonymous said...

Davis is at number 7 in d1 girls in those rankings

Anonymous said...

Don't know if Vista del Lago was at full strength at Woodbrige this weekend, but Las Lomas finished 32 spots ahead of them in the girls combined.

Albert Caruana said...

Added Davis. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Vista del Lago (Folsom) ran at Woodbridge. They were scheduled to run at Nevada Union.

Albert Caruana said...

I am fairly certain that is a different Vista del Lago which resides in the SS.

Jennifer said...

Team to watch: Bella Vista girls, D2

Anonymous said...

Marin Academy boys edged out Athenian in Pt Pinole tune up...consideration to MA?

Anonymous said...

^Yeah, I feel like Marin should replace University in boys D5 rankings, b/c Marin and Athenian both ran fast at Pt. Pinole, and University didn't look as fast at De La Salle invite. Also, D4 boys looks like it'll be faster than ever with John Lawson and Piner there.

Anonymous said...

Woodcreek is Division 1 this year in SJS... they just posted the Divisions on the section website.

Death2dyeStat said...

This is just Rich's opinion. I was hoping he would have just gone away with the death of dye stat.

Anonymous said...

I predict the Branson girls will win Division 5. They look stronger than University to me. Marin Academy also looks pretty strong, perhaps as strong as Lick Wilmerding, but it might be too early to say. (As an aside, I'm not an expert, and I'm affiliated with any of these 4 schools).

Albert Caruana said...

I will post the SJS divisions when I get a moment today.

No way University should be ranked ahead of Branson right now. Branson could potentially have 2 girls ahead of University's #1 and their supporting cast is better at the moment.

That's really impressive that Marin Academy can get 2 runners ahead of Athenian's top 3. They are definitely another team to watch.

I will have more later. NorCal rankings will be posted in the next two days.

Fast Runner said...

I'm very impressed with Branson right now. Only 3 years ago, they were at the back of the MCAL league consistently. I remember Branson went years where the only teams they would beat were teams that had less than 5 runners. lol

Once Julia Maxwell and the rest of the runners in here] class showed up, Branson went to #2 in the MCAL. They didn't improve much the following year, but I think this summer they all went out and trained. Now, Branson could win state. That would be quite something to watch!!!

Albert Caruana said...

And this is without Kate Courtney who has turned her complete focus to cycling I believe. She is a senior this year but not participating.

Anonymous said...

Las Lomas edged Acalanes at their league meet (38-44) today. In the head to head dual scoring Las Lomas won based on 6th place. LL did not have #3 runner and Acalanes may have been missing one of their better runners. DFAL league and NCS may see tight battle with these two.

Anonymous said...

Piner # 2 in State, come on............I saw them run last weekend and they weren't that good. They won't even be able to beat Drake at NCS this year.

Albert Caruana said...

Piner has 3 very strong runners and if they can close the gap with their 4th and 5th runners could be very dangerous at state. We'll see.

Luis Rosales said...

Albert, Thanks for your support. We are working to inprove and hope to get better when NCS rolls around.

Anonymous said...

One Word: Arcata

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