Saturday, June 02, 2012

Nikki Hiltz crushes field to win 1600m. (Impressive time with the weather conditions.)

Norcal goes 1, 3 and 4 in girls' 100m. Hurdles with Sasha Wallace taking title in lifetime best 13.33.

In girls' 400m., Norcal goes 2, 4, 5 with SJS runner Nia Dorner leading the way with her 2nd place, 55.28.

Taylor Jacques of Presentation (CCS) takes girls' PV with 13'4.25"

Andre McBride takes 2nd in state in 100m. (10.60) followed by 4th place finisher EJ Floreal

Jeffery Prothro of James Logan takes 4th place behind ridiculous top 3 all over 51 feet

4 NorCal runners in girls' 800m. with Cody Atkins of Chico the top finisher in 5th (2:10.24)

Nick Ratto finishes with lifetime best 1:51.57 to wrap up 3rd place.  Cody Johnson of SLV takes 5th

Noel Frazier of California HS wins boys' HJ with 6'10.25" effort.  Manuel Hernandez from SJS gets 3rd with same jump height.

SJS goes 1, 4, 5, 9 in girls' 300m. hurdles with Daje Pugh leading the way in awesome 40.57.

Sasha Wallace wins her 2nd event of the day taking the triple jump in 41'5.75"

Lilla McMillan of Tamalpais finishes 3rd in girls' 200m. with lifetime best time of 23.87

EJ Floreal of Palo Alto HS takes 3rd in boys' 200m. with 21.38.  Andre McBride takes 6th

Maxwells finish 3rd and 6th in 3200m.  Julia from Branson gets 3rd, Anna from SLV gets 6th

Luna top Norcal runner with 5th place finish followed by Estifanos in 6th

Steven Pust of Golden Valley finishes in 4th place in PV with 15'8.25"

Ryan Donnahoe of Gridley (NO) finishes 3rd with 61'6" effort in boys' shot put


Anonymous said...

Congrats Nikki!

A big fan.

Anonymous said...

What happened to cami chapus?

Anonymous said...

wow we did great in the girls hurdles. Daje has #7 all time for US in 300 hurdles! and Nick Ratto had a surprisingly good run too

Anonymous said...

Ouch, some rough days for a few of the CCS distance runners...

Anonymous said...

Any site that shows g3200 and boys 3200?I clicked on the cif site but nothing comes up.

Albert Caruana said...

Anonymous said...

Amador and San Leandro goin 7th and 8th in the 4x4.

Coach Tim said...

Chapus took the race out and kept the pace honest, but Hiltz blew past her with about 250 to go, and she just fell apart from there. I was sitting on the back stretch, and she looked pretty...surprised, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

i was on the backstretch too and cami did look pretty.

Anonymous said...

congrats to all of the norcal who placed. Still waiting for the dyestatcal recap/summary..but guessing they have to revamp many of the stories..especially for Nikki Hiltz who stole the ring from the highly favored ss runner!

Foopah said...

Ratto's run was far from surprising, the dude is honestly a monster and it's crazy how .01 seconds was the difference between him not even being in the final. Not many people have ever given him the recognition he deserves for his extraordinary talent, whether dyestat or others, and his balls out performance at the meet this weekend was a sight to behold. Luna's 3200 was great, although I wish he'd ran trying to win. Lawsons race was so respectable, the dude went for it and ran with the leaders and that alone deserves recognition.
On a separate note the announcer during the 100 hurdles is a douche for jinxing Kenneth walker, and even after the race he showed no class calling him out when the other competitors were on the podium. Maxwell from Branson should also be really proud with how she ran, her race was really mpressive.

Anonymous said...

Luna does get recognition. As for the 3200 is was kind of sad. It didn't get going until 1k to go. I was surprised the pack was dropping people running 72's.

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