Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Dipsea Race

From the race website:
Hans Schmid Wins!: Congratulations to Hans Schmid on his first Dipsea win, and to all of this year's competitors. More news and results will be posted as soon as we get them, so please be patient.

MarinIJ article:

Pictures courtesy of Craig Stern:

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Matt Stewart said...

Here are some local high schoolers by time:


Julia Maxwell 59:45 (16)
Melissa Brown 1:05:13 (16)
Megan Bordes 1:09:26 (16)
Julie Nacouzi 1:09:36 (18)


Trevor Reinhart 57:57 (16)
Connor Clark 58:57 (17)
Julian Lepelch 1:00:40 (11!)
Adam Roeder 1:01:38 (17)
Jess Fenn 1:01:39 (18)
Matt Stewart 1:02:15 (18)
William Baker-Robinson 1:03:33 (16)
Fred Huxam 1:04:14 (16)
Anders Fox 1:04:15 (17)
Alex Sinclair 1:04:24 (18)

I thought the Dipsea was really cool. It's ridiculous starting in the Runner section and having to pass hundreds of people up the stairs and in the early miles of the race, but it's a sweet feeling to fly down the roads and especially down the trails shrouded in tall trees.

Also, I noticed on the results page a Tom Hale two spots behind me. Take that, Cougars.

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