Thursday, June 07, 2012

Couple of end of the season updates

Bay Area News Group East Bay 2011-12 Female Athlete of the Year:  Holy Names' Sasha Wallace

From NCAA Championships:

NCAA w800 semis: Justine Fedronic of Stanford 2:03.54; fastest non-qualifier in NCAA history.
(Also a new Stanford University 800m. record for the former Carlmont HS runner-#6 in picture to the left).  Picture courtesy of Michael Scott.  

Will add more during the day.  If you have other similar type announcements, feel free to include the link in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

While she didn't make the NCAA finals, wow, props to Fedronic. A lot of people wrote her off years ago when she battled injury after injury, and it's really awesome to see her improving since high school.. 2:03 is no joke at all!!

Not so anonymous said...

We all know who you are why post anonymously?

RFU Coach said...

Indoor and Outdoor school record holder at 800 Meters! Watch out when she is completely healthy.

Carlmont parent said...

To 'Not so anonymous' .....why be so negative?
Just celebrate that someone from Nor Cal and a CCS alum has done so well.
Congratulations to Justine for breaking the Stanford record and also earning the fastest NCAA non qualifying time on record.

Michael Snufalufagus said...

Ironic that not so anonymous was posting anonymously

But i dont get why you all just post your name? Nothing against the accomplishment, that is absolutely amazing. But at least make up a name or better yet post who you really are. Anonymous posters in my mind are Internet trolls who are hiding behind the veil of annonyminity.

Just another troll said...

Is she still not healthy? Amazing how some of the most talented are the most frail. So many are injury prone and have things like asthma.

In this case is it bad coaching from high school to college that just crush their talent without focusing on the individual or is it just weak genetics that can't handle training?

syl pascale said...

Congratulations to Justine on a big PR. If she stays healthy she will dip under the 2 minute barrier in the next year.

Albert Caruana said...

Justine's PR in high school was 2:08.08. For her to run 2:03.54 in college is a success anyway you look at it.

I feel sorry for anyone who tries to find a negative in that accomplishment.

Doug Griffith said...

Could not agree more with Albert. Unless you are an athlete or the parent of a high school track athlete, you cannot fully understand how significant the transition is to being a successful college athlete. A very small percentage of high school athletes run faster in their college freshman year. The transition to a more rigorous academic schedule, more workout time on the track, weight room sessions, training room before and after workouts and, a sometimes heavy travel schedule, weigh heavily on college freshman.

As a parent of two college runners, I have seen first hand how difficult this transition has been not only for my kids, but for many of the kids they competed against in high school. For example, of the top 7 runners in the 2010 CIF Boys 800M finals, only 1 of those athletes has run faster in college than he ran in high school. Injuries have taken their on a few of these kids, but you cannot underestimate how hard it is to succeed at the collegiate level. It may take a couple of years for many high school runners to make the adjustment. A great example of this is the UNLV Senior Brett Zorich (formerly of Monte Vista- Danville). She ran a very good 2:13.9 in high school and 2:11.7 as a junior at UNLV. Her last three college races this year as a senior were 2:07, 2:05 and 2:04.

I hope no one will consider Amy Weissenbach a failure as a collegiate freshman or sophomore, if she doesn't run better than her high school best of 2:02, or the 2:04 she ran today at the NYC Adidas Grand Prix race.

Justine Fedronic was a great high school runner. Her 2:03.8 is a phenomenal college time and has improved each of the past two seasons. Can’t wait to see what she does her senior year.

Doug Griffith said...

One Footnote: One of those 7 runners referenced is Nathan Strum who ran a great sophomore 1500M time of 3:44 this season under Coach Wartenburg at UC Davis. Congrats to Nathan on his success in college.

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