Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Postal National Championships

The National High School Coaches Association is pleased to announce the 2012 Postal National Champions. The Postal Championship consists of ranking a track teams top five 3200 meter performances nationally, teams competing above 4000ft altitude received the NCAA altitude conversion as designated by NCAA ranking purposes to award the Best Distance Team in America.

Founded in 1956 by cross country coach Forrest Jamieson the "Postal" concept was presented to Track&FieldNews. Bert & Cordner Nelson seeing the potential of such an event quickly jumped behind the high school coaches idea. The event culminated with a National Championship awarded based upon five man 3200 meter teams and published in the Prep Panorama of Track & Field News.

Boys Postal National Champions (Full Postal National Rankings)
Davis HS, Kaysville, Utah boys run US#8 all-time 9:11.88 to defeat US#2 and NXN Champions Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft, New Jersey. Ranking as one of the deepest seasons over 165 teams averaged sub-10 minutes for the 5x3200 meter team concept.
  1. Davis HS, Kaysville, Utah  9:11.88 ATUS#8
(Brad Nye 9:07.27c; Brayden Cromar 9:08.30; Alex Hedquist 9:12.15c; Logan Wood 9:15.48c; Andrew Aposhian 9:16.21c)
  2. Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft, New Jersey  9:13.21 ATUS#11
(Jack Boyle 9:08.28; Tim Rooney 9:11.53; Aaron Liberatore 9:13.18; Mike McClemens 9:15.95; Billy Bragg 9:17.15)
  3. American Fork HS, American Fork, Utah  9:14.89 ATUS#15
(Clayton Young 9:00.83c; MacKenzie Morrison 9:10.72c; Brayden McLelland 9:17.17c; Tyson Green 9:20.02c; Connor Mcmillan 9:25.75c)
  4. Southlake Carroll HS, Carroll, Texas  9:18.29 ATUS#20
(Joe Sansone 9:09.24; ; Ben Golestan 9:15.27; Kyle Scanlon 9:18.00; Connor Hendricksen 9:24.29; Nate Sullivan 9:24.67)

Girls Postal National Champions (Full Postal National Rankings)
La Costa Canyon HS, Carlsbad, California upsets the 6-time defending national cross country champions Fayetteville Manlius HS, Manlius, New York. La Costa Canyon's team average 10:41.70 ranks as the 5th best all-time with F-M's 10:42.64 all-time US#8.
  1. La Costa Canyon HS, Carlsbad, California 10:41.70 ATUS#5
(Emma Abrahamson 10:24.86; Shanoah Souza 10:27.73; Kelly Lawson 10:40.84; Ellie Abrahamson 10:46.63; Rebecca Bossler 11:08.48)
  2. Fayetteville Manlius HS, Manlius, New York 10:42.64 ATUS#8
(Jillian Fanning 10:26.07c; Christie Rutledge 10:36.50c; Katie Sischo 10:46.13c; Michele Duffy 10:48.27c; Alaina Pearl 10:56.23c)
  3. North Shore HS, Glen Head, New York 10:43.33 ATUS#9
(Samantha Nadal 10:13.67c; Brianna Nerud 10:21.84c; Jessica Donohue 10:43.94c; Elizabeth Caldwell 10:48.86c; Alexandria Osman 11:28.35c)
  4. Saratoga Springs HS, Saratoga, New York 10:44.64 ATUS#10
(Keelin Hollowood 10:35.78c; Taylor Driscoll 10:42.81; Margaret MacDonald 10:43.20c; Megan Szpak 10:46.94c; Katie Treichel 10:54.48c)


ghpadd said...


A very good find. Did not even know of the existence of such a comparison. Based on the depth that CA should have on other States (by shear numbers), it is amazing that NY has a stranglehold on so many of the top positions. Any possibility in you obtaining a phone interview with some of the coaches and getting some general information on their training least? If you want a little help in this endeavor...let me know and push forward.

Again, thanks for finding such wonderful tidbits of information to share.

Anonymous said...

This would be interesting to do for nor cal.

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