Wednesday, November 03, 2010

WCAL Results at Crystal Springs Course


Anonymous said...

Very hot again...brutal day.

For the girls look at Sacred Heart and Saint Francis. Huge days for both great teams!

Lots of good teams not going to CCS on the boys side... Only two teams ran the time standard today, good thing 4 advance on place!

ToughenUP said...

Brutal was the conditions in L.A. and Orange County. Temps between 92 and 102. I don't think an 82 degree day can be termed as brutal conditions, it's 15 degrees cooler than Stanford. The teams should be able to handle the conditions.

Anonymous said...

it was also the humidity - not just the heat

Anonymous said...

I wasn't that hot. Not like CCS in 2008 or Stanford for the last...3-4 years. I think what made it so hard on the runners is that it has been cooler lately,in the 50-60 range with rain. Then 85 degree comes the day after a rain storm and it hits your body pretty hard. And the humidity was pretty high as well.

That said, many of the runners that went down were also sick. Tough you run sick or call it the season? Most choose to at least give it a try!

Some teams more affected than others. Mountain View looked really good despite the heat.

Anonymous said...

Crystal has practically no shade, on or off the course, and it always traps the heat/sun of the afternoon. I'll bet it was more like 90-95 on the course.

Anonymous said...

It was very humid and definitely felt hotter than 90 degrees simply standing around, but what was the worst part was the air quality. The air was terrible, usually you get some wind from San Francisco that blows all that pollution out, but for some reason it was terrible you could just feel it in your throat. Also it seemed that Bell was just running to win since they didn't win the second league meet because there was 6 of them running in a tight pack for about 2.5 miles simply just helping each other out.

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